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MB2-228 Microsoft CRM Extending MS CRM 1.2 with .NET

Article by Killexams Microsoft Certification Experts MB2-228 free pdf | MB2-228 pdf download

Microsoft CRM Extending MS

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Open supply Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 efficiency Toolkit | real questions with brain dumps

Microsoft is offering shoppers a toolset leveraged by means of the enterprise’s own building teams with a view to evaluate the efficiency of version 4.0 of its customer relation administration answer.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM four.0 performance Toolkit is now available for down load freed from impregnate from the software enormous’s CodePlex.

no longer best is the Dynamics CRM four.0 performance Toolkit offered at no cost, however the unencumber is too obtainable under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL), which is an open supply license.

The Redmond enterprise explains that the advent of the Dynamics CRM four.0 performance Toolkit became catalyzed via the exigency to formalize efficiency checking out of CRM four.0.

“The toolkit incorporates a lot of apparatus that assist you to prolong visible Studio testing capabilities to accommodate CRM above shameful together with: ImportCustomization tool; DbPopulator utensil and CRM_Perf_Benchmark device,” published a member of the Microsoft CRM group.

each Microsoft CRM shoppers and partners can leverage the toolkit so as to investigate the efficiency of their CRM deployments.

according to the CRM group, drudgery has been accomplished to raise the toolkit with a view to tailor the solution on the capabilities delivered in CRM 4.0.

“The device provides 133 out of the container assessments that will too live Run against the core Dynamics CRM performance, such as saving an Account, opening an chance or sending an e-mail,” the Microsoft CRM team member delivered.

“For custom screens or customized entities, they are able to create discover at various situations in visual Studio which will too live verified with the toolkit."

“These test cases can examine a “use case” or conclusion user test condition of affairs it's essential to the functionality of the business."

“One caveat about the exercise of the performance toolkit is that it requires a dummy home windows account for each and every user build into the examine load.”

Microsoft recommended that shoppers and companions will want visual Studio team device 2005 or 2008 to live able to delivery taking competencies of the CRM efficiency toolkit.

within the answer’s description, the Redmond company enumerated one of the most unique enhancements brought to toolkit:

“1. Multi firm performance checking out aid

2. Multi Server Deployment performance trying out help

three. Outlook Synchronization and Offline efficiency checking out help

4. data management performance trying out aid

5. Workflow efficiency analysis guide

6. e mail Matching performance testing assist

7. Ease of deployment of the Toolkit through an MSI kit with more desirable configuration of the toolkit.”

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 efficiency Toolkit is purchasable for download here.

Migrating from UserCustomAction to SharePoint Framework Extensions | real questions with brain dumps

throughout the ultimate few years, most of the commercial enterprise options developed on right of office 365 and SharePoint online leveraged the web site CustomAction capacity of the SharePoint function Framework to prolong the UI of pages. youngsters nowdays, inside the unique "modern" UI of SharePoint on-line, most of these customizations are no greater purchasable. fortunately, with the unique SharePoint Framework Extensions which you could now give just about the identical functionality within the "up to date" UI. in this tutorial you'll learn the passage emigrate from historical "classic" customizations to the unique model in response to SharePoint Framework Extensions.

knowing SharePoint Framework Extensions

first of all, let's interpolate the obtainable alternatives when developing SharePoint Framework Extensions:

  • application Customizer: extend the aboriginal "modern" UI of SharePoint on-line with the aid of adding custom HTML facets and client-side code to pre-defined placeholders of "modern" pages. on the time of this writing, the purchasable placeholders are the header and the footer of each "contemporary" web page.
  • Command Set: enable so as to add custom ECB menu objects or custom buttons to the command bar of a list view for a listing or a library. you could associate any JavaScript (TypeScript) motion to those instructions.
  • box Customizer: personalize the rendering of a box in an inventory view the exercise of custom HTML facets and client-aspect code.
  • As that you would live able to quarrel from the above descriptions, essentially the most efficient one in their context is the "application Customizer" extension.

    Migrating a UserCustomAction to an SPFx utility Customizer

    anticipate that you occupy a CustomAction in SharePoint online, with a view to occupy a custom footer in the entire site's pages. In here code snippet that you could remark the XML code defining that CustomAction the usage of the SharePoint function Framework.

    <?xml edition="1.0" encoding="utf-eight"?> <elements xmlns=""> <CustomAction identification="jQueryCDN" Title="jQueryCDN" Description="masses jQuery from the public CDN" ScriptSrc="" location="ScriptLink" Sequence="a hundred" /> <CustomAction id="spoCustomBar" Title="spoCustomBar" Description="hundreds a script to rendere a custom footer" area="ScriptLink" ScriptSrc="SiteAssets/SPOCustomUI.js" Sequence="200" /> </facets>

    As you could see, the feature facets file defines a couple of aspects of classification CustomAction to consist of within the pages of the goal site each jQuery, loaded in the course of the public CDN, and a custom JavaScript file that renders the customized footer.

    moreover and for the sake of completeness, here you can remark the JavaScript code that renders a custom footer, whose menu objects are pre-described in code for the sake of simplicity.

    var SPOCustomUI = SPOCustomUI || ; SPOCustomUI.setUpCustomFooter = function () if ($("#SPOCustomFooter").size) return; var footerContainer = $("<div>"); footerContainer.attr("identification", "SPOCustomFooter"); footerContainer.append("<ul>"); $("#s4-workspace").append(footerContainer); SPOCustomUI.addCustomFooterText = feature (identity, textual content) if ($("#" + identity).size) return; var customElement = $("<div>"); customElement.attr("identification", id); customElement.html(textual content); $("#SPOCustomFooter > ul").earlier than(customElement); return customElement; SPOCustomUI.addCustomFooterLink = feature (identification, textual content, url) if ($("#" + identification).size) return; var customElement = $("<a>"); customElement.attr("id", identity); customElement.attr("href", url); customElement.html(textual content); $("#SPOCustomFooter > ul").append($("<li>").append(customElement)); return customElement; SPOCustomUI.loadCSS = characteristic (url) var head = doc.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; var trend = doc.createElement('hyperlink'); vogue.class = 'text/css'; fashion.rel = 'stylesheet'; fashion.href = url; head.appendChild(fashion); SPOCustomUI.init = feature (whenReadyDoFunc) // steer clear of executing internal iframes (used with the aid of Sharepoint for dialogs) if (self !== accurate) return; if (!window.jQuery) // jQuery is needed for customized Bar to run setTimeout(feature () SPOCustomUI.init(whenReadyDoFunc); , 50); else $(feature () SPOCustomUI.setUpCustomFooter(); whenReadyDoFunc(); ); // the following initializes the custom footer with some indecorous links SPOCustomUI.init(characteristic () var currentScriptUrl; var currentScript = document.querySelectorAll("script[src*='SPOCustomUI']"); if (currentScript.length > 0) currentScriptUrl = currentScript[0].src; if (currentScriptUrl != undefined) var currentScriptBaseUrl = currentScriptUrl.substring(0, currentScriptUrl.lastIndexOf('/') + 1); SPOCustomUI.loadCSS(currentScriptBaseUrl + 'SPOCustomUI.css'); SPOCustomUI.addCustomFooterText('SPOFooterCopyright', '&replica; 2017, Contoso Inc.'); SPOCustomUI.addCustomFooterLink('SPOFooterCRMLink', 'CRM', 'CRM.aspx'); SPOCustomUI.addCustomFooterLink('SPOFooterSearchLink', 'Search middle', 'SearchCenter.aspx'); SPOCustomUI.addCustomFooterLink('SPOFooterPrivacyLink', 'privacy policy', 'privacy.aspx'); );

    In right here determine that you would live able to remark the output of the outdated customized action, in the home web page of a basic site.

    The custom footer in a classic page

    in an exertion to migrate the above solution to the "contemporary" UI, you'll should accomplish right here steps.

    Create a unique SharePoint Framework solution

    after you occupy organized you construction atmosphere to extend SharePoint Framework options, by using following the instructions offered within the doc "deploy your SharePoint customer-side net portion construction environment", which you could birth creating a SharePoint Framework extension.

  • Open the command line device of your altenative (PowerShell, CMD.EXE, Cmder, and many others.), create a unique folder for the solution (name it spfx-react-custom-footer), and create a brand unique SharePoint Framework reply via working the Yeoman generator with here command:
  • yo @microsoft/sharepoint

    When induced by passage of the device, provide the following answers:

  • accept the default identify (spfx-react-customized-footer) to your answer, and press Enter.
  • choose SharePoint on-line handiest (newest), and press Enter.
  • opt for exercise the current folder, and press Enter.
  • opt for N to require the extension to live installed on each web page explicitly when or not it's getting used.
  • choose Extension because the customer-aspect factor ilk to live created.
  • select utility Customizer because the extension classification to live created.
  • give "CustomFooter" because the identify to your software Customizer.
  • The Yeoman generator UI while creating the custom footer solution

    At this point, Yeoman will deploy the necessary dependencies and scaffold the solution data and folders along with the CustomFooter extension. This could bewitch a couple of minutes.

    When the scaffold is comprehensive, live positive to remark here message indicating a a success scaffold:

    The scaffolding completed

  • To lock down the edition of the mission dependencies, Run the following command:
  • npm shrinkwrap
  • Now delivery visual Studio Code (or whatever thing else is the code editor of your choice) and originate developing the solution. To start visible Studio Code, which you could execute the following commentary.
  • code . define the unique UI elements

    The UI facets of the customized footer may live rendered the exercise of React and a custom React component. Of direction, that you can create the UI aspects of the sample footer with whatever thing technology you like. during this tutorial, they exercise React with a purpose to leverage the office UI cloth components for React.

    be aware

    For extra particulars about establishing options with React, you can examine the following tutorial: Tutorial: Intro to React.

  • first of all, open the file CustomFooterApplicationCustomizer.happen.json beneath the src/extensions/customFooter folder. copy the value of the id property and retain it in a safe place, because you will want it later.

  • Now, open the CustomFooterApplicationCustomizer.ts file, nevertheless below the equal folder as earlier than and import the forms PlaceholderContent and PlaceholderName from the apparatus '@microsoft/sp-software-base'. furthermore, at the very birth of the file, add the import directives for React.

  • In right here code excerpt that you may remark the imports portion of the CustomFooterApplicationCustomizer.ts file.

    import * as React from 'react'; import * as ReactDom from 'react-dom'; import override from '@microsoft/decorators'; import Log from '@microsoft/sp-core-library'; import BaseApplicationCustomizer, PlaceholderContent, PlaceholderName from '@microsoft/sp-application-base'; import Dialog from '@microsoft/sp-dialog'; import * as strings from 'CustomFooterApplicationCustomizerStrings'; import CustomFooter from './accessories/CustomFooter';
  • find the definition of the ilk CustomFooterApplicationCustomizer and declare a unique deepest member referred to as _bottomPlaceholder of ilk PlaceholderContent | undefined. Now within the override of the onInit formulation invoke a customized characteristic known as _renderPlaceHolders, and outline that characteristic.
  • In right here code excerpt you can remark the implementation of the custom footer utility customizer class.

    /** A customized motion which can too live Run shameful through execution of a shopper aspect application */ export default classification CustomFooterApplicationCustomizer extends BaseApplicationCustomizer<ICustomFooterApplicationCustomizerProperties> // This deepest member holds a reference to the web page's footer deepest _bottomPlaceholder: PlaceholderContent

    first off, the _renderPlaceHolders formula searches for the placeholder of ilk backside and if any it renders its content. in reality, at the very conclusion of the _renderPlaceHolders system the code creates a brand unique illustration of a CustomFooter React part, and renders it inside the placeholder of the pages' backside (i.e. where the footer should live rendered).


    The React component can live the substitute, in the "contemporary" UI for the JavaScript file in the "basic" mannequin. Of direction, which you can render the total footer nevertheless the exercise of pure JavaScript code and reusing many of the code that you simply occupy already got. youngsters, it's superior to deem to upgrade the implementation not handiest from a technology standpoint, but additionally from a code viewpoint.

  • Add a brand unique folder called components within the src/extensions/customFooter folder. Create a unique file within the unique folder, denomination it CustomFooter.tsx. In here code excerpt you could remark the portion supply file.
  • import * as React from 'react'; import CommandButton from 'office-ui-cloth-react/lib/Button'; export default class CustomFooter extends React.component<, > public render(): React.ReactElement<> return ( <div className=`ms-bgColor-neutralLighter ms-fontColor-white`> <div className=`ms-bgColor-neutralLighter ms-fontColor-white`> <div className=`ms-Grid`> <div className="ms-Grid-row"> <div className="ms-Grid-col ms-sm2 ms-md2 ms-lg2"> <CommandButton information-automation="CopyRight" href=`CRM.aspx`>&copy; 2017, Contoso Inc.</CommandButton> </div> <div className="ms-Grid-col ms-sm2 ms-md2 ms-lg2"> <CommandButton facts-automation="CRM" iconProps= iconName: 'americans' href=`CRM.aspx`>CRM</CommandButton> </div> <div className="ms-Grid-col ms-sm2 ms-md2 ms-lg2"> <CommandButton facts-automation="SearchCenter" iconProps= iconName: 'Search' href=`SearchCenter.aspx`>Search core</CommandButton> </div> <div className="ms-Grid-col ms-sm2 ms-md2 ms-lg2"> <CommandButton statistics-automation="privateness" iconProps= iconName: 'Lock' href=`privateness.aspx`>privacy coverage</CommandButton> </div> <div className="ms-Grid-col ms-sm4 ms-md4 ms-lg4"> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> );

    instructing you how to write a React portion is out of scope for this doc. even so, notice the import statements at the beginning, where the portion imports React, and the CommandButton React portion from the workplace UI cloth accessories library. furthermore, in the render system of the element, it's defined the output of the CustomFooter with few circumstances of the CommandButton portion for the hyperlinks in the footer. shameful the HTML output is wrapped within a Grid design of workplace UI fabric.


    For additional particulars concerning the grid design of workplace UI textile, that you could study the document Responsive design.

    In the following determine which you can remark the resulting output.

    The custom footer rendered in a "modern" site

    examine the solution in debug mode

    You at the instant are ready to examine your reply in debug mode.

  • Go back to the console window and Run the following command:
  • gulp serve --nobrowser

    The above command will construct the solution and Run the aboriginal Node.js server to host it.

  • Now open your favourite browser and saunter to a "contemporary" web page of any "contemporary" group web site. Now, append the following querystring parameters to the page's URL.
  • ?loadSPFX=authentic&debugManifestsFile=https://localhost:4321/temp/manifests.js&customActions="82242bbb-f951-4c71-a978-80eb8f35e4c1":"region":"ClientSideExtension.ApplicationCustomizer"

    in the above querystring, you'll occupy to exchange the GUID with the identity cost you saved from the CustomFooterApplicationCustomizer.manifest.json file. live cognizant that, when executing the web page request, you can live induced with a warning message container with title "allow debug scripts?", which asks your consent to Run code from localhost, for protection explanations. Of direction, if you wish to in the community debug and discover at various the solution, you're going to must permit to "Load debug scripts".

    package and host the answer

    when you are satisfied with the influence, you at the instant are able to kit the reply and host it in a valid hosting infrastructure. before constructing the bundle and the kit, you should declare an XML characteristic framework file to provision the extension.

    evaluation feature framework elements

    within the code editor, open the /sharepoint/belongings sub-folder of the reply folder and edit the elements.xml file. In here code excerpt you can remark how the file may noiseless appear to be.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-eight"?> <elements xmlns=""> <CustomAction Title="CustomFooter" vicinity="ClientSideExtension.ApplicationCustomizer" ClientSideComponentId="82242bbb-f951-4c71-a978-80eb8f35e4c1"> </CustomAction> </aspects>

    As which you can see, it reminds the SharePoint characteristic Framework file that they noticed in the "traditional" model, but it surely uses the ClientSideComponentId impute to reference the identity of the custom extension. you could additionally add a ClientSideComponentProperties attribute, in case you deserve to supply customized settings to the extension, which is not the case during this tutorial.

    Now, open the package-answer.json file below the /config folder of the answer. inside the file you can remark that there's a reference to the facets.xml file, inside the belongings section.

    "$schema": "", "solution": "identify": "spfx-react-custom-footer-client-aspect-answer", "id": "911728a5-7bde-4453-97b2-2eba59277ed3", "version": "", "points": [ "title": "Application Extension - Deployment of custom action.", "description": "Deploys a custom action with ClientSideComponentId association", "id": "f16a2612-3163-46ad-9664-3d3daac68cff", "version": "", "assets": "elementManifests": [ "elements.xml" ] ] , "paths": "zippedPackage": "solution/spfx-react-customized-footer.sppkg" permit the CDN in your office 365 tenant

    Now you should host the extension in a internet hosting ambiance. workplace 365 CDN is the simplest passage to host SharePoint Framework options directly from your tenant whereas noiseless taking talents of the content material birth community (CDN) service for quicker load instances of your property.

  • down load the SharePoint on-line administration Shell to ensure that you occupy got the newest edition.

  • hook up with your SharePoint on-line tenant through the exercise of PowerShell:

    connect-SPOService -Url https://[tenant]
  • Get the present popularity of public CDN settings from the tenant degree by passage of executing right here commands one-by means of-one:

    Get-SPOTenantCdnEnabled -CdnType Public Get-SPOTenantCdnOrigins -CdnType Public Get-SPOTenantCdnPolicies -CdnType Public
  • enable public CDN in the tenant:

    Set-SPOTenantCdnEnabled -CdnType Public

    Public CDN has now been enabled in the tenant through the exercise of the default file ilk configuration allowed. This potential that the following file class extensions are supported: CSS, EOT, GIF, ICO, JPEG, JPG, JS, MAP, PNG, SVG, TTF, and WOFF.

  • Open up a browser and circulate to a web page collection the station you would want to host your CDN library. This could live any web site collection on your tenant. during this tutorial, they can create a specific library to act as your CDN library, but that you could too exercise a particular folder in any existing doc library as the CDN endpoint.

  • Create a brand unique doc library in your web site assortment known as CDN and add a folder named customfooter to it.

  • within the PowerShell console, add a brand unique CDN beginning. during this case, they are setting the source as */cdn, which talent that any relative folder with the identify of cdn acts as a CDN foundation.

    Add-SPOTenantCdnOrigin -CdnType Public -OriginUrl */cdn
  • Execute here command to procure the checklist of CDN origins from your tenant:

    Get-SPOTenantCdnOrigins -CdnType Public
  • notice that your newly introduced starting station is listed as a legitimate CDN origin. terminal configuration of the foundation takes approximately quarter-hour, with the protest to continue provisioning the extension, which will live hosted from the birth after deployment is accomplished.

    List of public origins in tenant

    When the birth is listed with out the (configuration pending) text, it is able to live used for your tenant. This indicates an on-going configuration between SharePoint online and the CDN gadget.

    update the solution settings and publish it on the CDN

    Now, you should replace the solution with the protest to exercise the simply created CDN because the hosting enviroment and you may exigency to post the solution bundle to the CDN. to achieve this task, simply observe the upcoming steps.

  • Return to the previously created solution to function the obligatory URL updates.

  • replace the write-manifests.json file (beneath the config folder) as follows to factor to your CDN endpoint. exercise as the prefix, and then prolong the URL with the exact route of your tenant. The layout of the CDN URL is as follows:[tenant host name]/sites/[site]/[library]/[folder]

    Updated write manifest content with path to CDN endpoint

  • keep your adjustments.

  • Execute here project to bundle your answer. This executes a liberate build of your undertaking using the CDN URL unique in the write-manifests.json file. The output of this command is located within the ./temp/installation folder. These are the data that you just deserve to upload to the SharePoint folder performing as your CDN endpoint.

    gulp bundle --ship
  • Execute the following project to package your answer. This command creates an spfx-react-customized-footer.sppkg kit in the sharepoint/solution folder and too prepares the property in the temp/deploy folder to live deployed to the CDN.

    gulp equipment-solution --ship
  • add or drag-and-drop the newly created client-facet solution package to the app catalog on your tenant, and then select the install button.

    App Catalog trust Dialog with path to CDN endpoint

  • upload or drag-and-drop the information within the temp/deploy folder to the CDN/customfooter folder created prior.

  • set up and Run the solution

    that you can now install the reply on any target "modern" web site.

  • Open the browser and navigate to any goal "modern" web page.

  • Go to the "site Contents" page and select so as to add a brand unique App.

  • select to set up a unique app "out of your corporation" to browse the solutions attainable in the AppCatalog.

  • choose the solution referred to as "spfx-react-custom-footer-client-facet-solution" and istall it on the target site.

    Add an App UI to add the solution to a site

  • once the application setting up might live completed, refresh the web page or saunter to the home web page of the web site. live positive to live capable of remark the customized footer in motion.

  • appreciate your unique custom footer constructed using the SharePoint Framework extensions!

    software Add-Ons prolong Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GP, and NAV. | real questions with brain dumps

    NEW ORLEANS, March 10 /-- ZSL, a number one ISV & global utility options and capabilities issuer, launches "mobile power" and "company vigor", a suite of add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GP and NAV.

    ZSL should live demonstrating their "cellular vigor" and "business power" items suite, at the Microsoft Convergence 2009 tang held in unique Orleans, LA between March 10-13 at booth #233. ZSL is the primary one to unlock the add-ons to enable complete cell access to the MS Dynamics products.

    ZSL is an ISV and MS Gold licensed accomplice, really expert in constructing quite a few commerce functions based on MS .internet, Dynamics, MOSS, BizTalk and home windows mobile structures for the reason that 1997.

    The "cellular energy" add-ons extends the punch and functionalities of MS CRM and ERP items to numerous sage phones and PDAs running on windows cellular, Blackberry, Apple iPhone and G1 with their thin provisioning procedure. The "enterprise power" suite dietary supplements the purposeful and integration gaps of CRM, GP, NAV and RMS with MS workplace, MOSS, Map aspect and web 2.0 platforms in an exertion to boost the team of workers productivity and data integrity of the commerce enterprise applications.

    "Our product construction and engineering teams are committed to taking note of their customers and companions and they got down to fabricate their 'vigour' items suite for MS Dynamics, probably the most useful add-ons," pointed out Manick, Head, Mid-Market company solutions apply at ZSL.

    mobile energy and commerce punch Suite on CloudZSL's "cell vigour" and "business vigor" add-ons are available for VARs to resell or integrate with their enterprise options or capabilities. The power suite add-ons for MS Azure cloud platform is expected to hit the market through the remain of this year.

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    "Our cellular and commerce power add-ons for CRM, GP and NAV betray their emerging expertise specialization and commitment to their shoppers in brining the premier enterprise solutions which are crucial to achieve commerce transformation," says Shiv Kumar, EVP, ZSL.

    "The budget friendly price, faster time to market, handy integration and stronger interoperability with distinctive MS items and more advantageous ROI are the compelling factors for their commerce companions and customers to trust their add-ons and capabilities," says Mr. Vel.

    About ZSLZSL, headquartered in Edison, NJ, is a number one utility and solution issuer with greater than 2000 employees global focused in developing and delivering business-degree ERP, CRM and custom applications and IT features by preserving the TCO low.

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    CONTACT: ZSL, Inc, +1-732 549 9770,

    internet website:

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