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Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF)

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This theme applies to crew project that was created the employ of a Microsoft solutions Framework (MSF) version 5.0 manner template and is defined on an on-premises crew foundation Server (TFS).

upon getting configured facets on your upgraded crew task, which was created with a process template in response to Microsoft options Framework (MSF) for Agile software construction v5.0, be confident to manually update the person legend and assignment workflow assignments. if you don't replace the workflow, then the project board provides most efficient two states, energetic and Closed, as shown in the following illustration. This prevents you and your group from distinguishing between projects that are in progress from those who absorb not been began.

Task board for non-updated Agile team project

task board for an Agile team project devoid of the counseled manual updates

Updates made through the Configure features wizard had been made to suit the current workflow this is defined in your group project. For Agile version 5.0, this aptitude the brand modern and removed states delivered with the newest version don't seem to be present. These states pilot transitioning user reviews from a brand modern situation to an energetic state. with out the modern situation defined, a user legend assigned to an generation remains on the product backlog unless it's resolved, which is not the favored or anticipated conduct.

within the equal method, adding the brand modern situation to the project workflow lets users stream projects from New, to energetic, to Closed the employ of the stint board. in addition, by means of adding the removed situation to each the consumer legend and stint sort definitions you enable users to reduce experiences and tasks using the planning tools.

To advocate the desired behaviors, you requisite to add the modern and removed states to the person legend and stint work particular types, and update the metastate mappings assigned within the system configuration.


To sprint the witadmin command-line device, you requisite to be a member of 1 of perquisite here groups: crew foundation administrators, project assortment directors, or challenge administrators group for the crew undertaking. survey Add administrators, set permissions at the assignment-level or challenge assortment-degree.


The techniques during this subject absorb been written according to the Agile v6.0 manner. To replace your group mission to advocate the newest workflow described for Agile v6.1 system, which you could adjust these methods to in its locality reproduction the WORKFLOW sections of the latest Agile pass template. massive updates had been made to the workflow for a few work merchandise varieties in the TFS 2012.1 update. These changes assist backward transitions so that in case you inadvertently drag a work particular on the Kanban board or the project board to a resolved or closed state, you can drag it lower back to an previous workflow state.

you will requisite to function perquisite here steps:

  • Export the definitions for the consumer legend and project varieties and for process configuration.

  • Insert code snippets to the workflow allotment for each consumer legend and project.

  • replace the metastate mappings for the process configuration.

  • Import the updated definitions for the work merchandise kinds and procedure configuration.

  • check that the changes issue on the assignment board.

  • crucial

    For here approaches to work, the energetic situation should be targeted within the workflow defined for the person legend and assignment sorts of work items.

    To replace the workflow states and transitions for person Story
  • Open a Command prompt window in accordance with the directions offered in witAdmin: customize and manage objects for tracking work. as an example:

    cd %programfiles(x86)%\Microsoft visual Studio 15.0\Common7\IDE
  • To export the classification definition for person Story, enter here command, substituting your facts for the arguments which are proven perquisite here, where CollectionURL specifies the URL of a team venture collection, ProjectName specifies the identify of a group challenge described within the assortment, and "DirectoryPath\FileName.xml" specifies the identify and location for the file to export. Then press Enter.

    witadmin exportwitd /assortment:CollectionURL /p:"ProjectName" /n:"person Story" /f:"DirectoryPath\FileName.xml"

    Use this layout for the URL: http://ServerName:Port/VirtualDirectoryName/CollectionName, for instance: http://srvalm:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection.

  • In a textual content editor or in visual Studio, open the file you exported.

  • Add this code snippet between the strains <STATES> and <STATE value="lively">:

    <STATE value="New"> <FIELDS> <box refname="Microsoft.VSTS.general.ResolvedDate"> <EMPTY /> </field> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.usual.ResolvedBy"> <EMPTY /> </container> <field refname="Microsoft.VSTS.standard.ClosedDate"> <EMPTY /> </container> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.standard.ClosedBy"> <EMPTY /> </field> <field refname="Microsoft.VSTS.commonplace.ActivatedDate"> <EMPTY /> </box> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.general.ActivatedBy"> <EMPTY /> </container> </FIELDS> </STATE> <STATE value="removed" />
  • change the allotment that starts with <TRANSITION from=" " to="lively"> and ends with <TRANSITION> with this code snippet:

    <TRANSITION from="" to="New"> <factors> <DEFAULTREASON price="New" /> </motives> <FIELDS> <container refname="system.Description"> <DEFAULT from="price" value="As a &lt;type of user&gt; I requisite &lt;some intention&gt; in order that &lt;some rationale&gt;" /> </field> </FIELDS> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="New" to="energetic"> <motives> <DEFAULTREASON price="Implementation began" /> </explanations> <FIELDS> <field refname="Microsoft.VSTS.usual.ActivatedBy"> <copy from="currentuser" /> <VALIDUSER /> <REQUIRED /> </container> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.usual.ActivatedDate"> <SERVERDEFAULT from="clock" /> </box> <box refname="gadget.AssignedTo"> <DEFAULT from="currentuser" /> </box> </FIELDS> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="New" to="eliminated"> <motives> <DEFAULTREASON cost="faraway from the backlog" /> </explanations> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="energetic" to="New"> <causes> <DEFAULTREASON cost="Implementation halted" /> </motives> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="removed" to="New"> <causes> <DEFAULTREASON price="Reconsidering the user Story" /> </causes> </TRANSITION>
  • store and proximate the file.

  • Import the file, substituting your statistics for the arguments which are proven.

    witadmin importwitd /collection:CollectionURL /p:"ProjectName" /f:"DirectoryPath\FileName.xml"
  • To replace the workflow states and transitions for task
  • Export the sort definition for task, substituting your information for the arguments which are shown.

    witadmin exportwitd /assortment:CollectionURL /p:"ProjectName" /n:"assignment" /f:"DirectoryPath\FileName.xml"
  • In a text editor or in visible Studio, open the file you exported.

  • Add this code snippet between the lines <STATES> and <STATE value="lively">:

    <STATE cost="New"> <FIELDS> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.average.ClosedDate"> <EMPTY /> </box> <box refname="Microsoft.VSTS.standard.ClosedBy"> <EMPTY /> </container> <box refname="Microsoft.VSTS.ordinary.ActivatedDate"> <EMPTY /> </box> <field refname="Microsoft.VSTS.typical.ActivatedBy"> <EMPTY /> </container> </FIELDS> </STATE> <STATE price="eliminated" />
  • replace the primary transition block, akin to the traces that topple between <TRANSITION from="" to="energetic"> and its closing </TRANSITION> tag, with this code snippet:

    <TRANSITION from="" to="New"> <reasons> <DEFAULTREASON cost="New" /> </causes> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="New" to="lively"> <moves> <action cost="Microsoft.VSTS.moves.StartWork" /> </moves> <explanations> <DEFAULTREASON price="Work started" /> </motives> <FIELDS> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.typical.ActivatedBy"> <reproduction from="currentuser" /> <VALIDUSER /> <REQUIRED /> </field> <field refname="Microsoft.VSTS.standard.ActivatedDate"> <SERVERDEFAULT from="clock" /> </field> <field refname="device.AssignedTo"> <DEFAULT from="currentuser" /> </box> </FIELDS> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="lively" to="New"> <actions> <motion cost="Microsoft.VSTS.movements.StopWork" /> </movements> <causes> <DEFAULTREASON price="Work halted" /> </causes> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="New" to="Closed"> <moves> <motion cost="Microsoft.VSTS.moves.Checkin" /> </actions> <factors> <DEFAULTREASON price="accomplished" /> <purpose price="reduce" /> <purpose value="Deferred" /> <cause cost="obsolete" /> </motives> <FIELDS> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.common.ActivatedDate"> <READONLY /> </container> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.typical.ActivatedBy"> <READONLY /> </container> <box refname="Microsoft.VSTS.typical.ClosedDate"> <SERVERDEFAULT from="clock" /> </field> <box refname="Microsoft.VSTS.normal.ClosedBy"> <copy from="currentuser" /> <VALIDUSER /> <REQUIRED /> </container> </FIELDS> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="Closed" to="New"> <reasons> <DEFAULTREASON value="Reactivated" /> </motives> <FIELDS> <field refname="device.AssignedTo"> <copy from="container" box="Microsoft.VSTS.general.ClosedBy" /> </field> </FIELDS> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="New" to="removed"> <motives> <DEFAULTREASON value="faraway from the backlog" /> </explanations> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="active" to="removed"> <explanations> <DEFAULTREASON cost="faraway from the backlog" /> </motives> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="removed" to="New"> <causes> <DEFAULTREASON value="Reconsidering the assignment" /> </causes> </TRANSITION>
  • retailer and shut the file.

  • Import the file, substituting your information for the arguments that are shown.

    witadmin importwitd /assortment:CollectionURL /p:"ProjectName" /f:"DirectoryPath\FileName.xml"
  • To update the metastate mappings for procedure configuration
  • class perquisite here command to export the ProcessConfiguration file, substituting your information for the arguments which are shown.

    witadmin exportprocessconfig /assortment:CollectionURL /p:"ProjectName" /f:"DirectoryPath\ ProcessConfiguration.xml"

    where, CollectionURL specifies the URL of the team undertaking collection and ProjectName specifies the denomination of your crew mission. employ this format for the URL: http://ServerName:Port/VirtualDirectoryName/CollectionName, as an example: http://srvalm:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection.

  • In Notepad or in one other textual content editor, open the ProcessConfiguration.xml file.

  • find the tag <RequirementWorkItems class="Microsoft.RequirementCategory" plural="reviews">.

  • exchange the line <State category="Proposed" value="energetic" /> with these traces:

    <State type="Proposed" value="New" /> <State class="InProgress" cost="active" />
  • locate the tag <TaskWorkItems class="Microsoft.TaskCategory">, and replace the road <State classification="Proposed" value="energetic" /> with these lines:

    <State classification="Proposed" value="New" /> <State class="InProgress" price="energetic" />
  • determine that you've the following mappings:

    <RequirementWorkItems category="Microsoft.RequirementCategory" plural="studies"> <States> <State category="Proposed" cost="New"/> <State category="InProgress price="lively" /> <State category="InProgress price="Resolved" /> <State classification="finished" value="Closed" /> </States> </RequirementWorkItems> <TaskWorkItems category="Microsoft.TaskCategory"> <States> <State category="Proposed" cost="New" /> <State class="InProgress" value="energetic" /> <State category="finished" value="Closed" /> </States> </TaskWorkItems>
  • save and proximate the file.

  • Import the configuration file.

    witadmin importprocessconfig /collection:CollectionURL /p:ProjectName /f:"DirectoryPath\ProcessConfiguration.xml"
  • To determine that the changes seem on the project board
  • Open the internet portal and then connect to your group stint the usage of a URL that has here format:


    If TWA is already open, then refresh your browser to refresh the cache.

  • verify that the assignment board columns now pomp New, active, and Closed.

    Agile  stint board with updated workflowproject board for an Agile crew undertaking with the up to date workflow states

    To study greater about the usage of the assignment board, survey dash planning.

  • The Microsoft safety construction Lifecycle Evolves | existent questions with brain dumps

    Microsoft is the employ of Black Hat DC because the stage to interpose modern components for third-birthday party builders that requisite to embrace the security assurance technique that helped it carry further protection to finish users via everything products previous windows Vista, home windows 7 covered. in this regard, the Redmond enterprise announced the supply of a downloadable template designed to permit devs to solemnize the safety construction Lifecycle methodology to the Microsoft solutions Framework (MSF) for the Agile software structure technique.

    the first public Beta of the brand modern MSF for Agile application structure plus SDL technique Template for VSTS 2008, known as “MSF-A+SDL,” was already released. Microsoft published that it planned to convey the eventual version of the template in the second quarter of 2010. at the identical time, the providing will also be tailor-made to the subsequent iteration of visible Studio, specifically VS 2010, but best after the next edition of the enterprise’s construction platform is launched to shoppers on April 12, 2010.

    the brand modern resource offered via the software big is akin to the SDL process Template delivered in 2009, and is install to streamline the integration of the SDL-Agile cozy construction methodology into the visual Studio team device (VSTS) structure environment. by pass of leveraging the MSF-Agile+SDL template, builders compose confident that code from the VSTS supply repository is according to the SDL comfy structure practices.

    A member of the SDL crew emphasized a few modern aspects of the template:

    “- automatic generation of SDL project work items for brand modern iterations. since Agile tasks can reside continuously (as in the case of internet applications or cloud functions with out a described “conclusion date”), these projects deserve to periodically re-finished SDL requirements as described in the SDL-Agile technique. The MSF-A+SDL template accomplishes this with the aid of creating modern protection initiatives for the challenge each time a consumer adds a brand modern iteration.

    - computerized generation of SDL stint work items for brand modern code. every time modern visual Studio tasks or net websites are checked into an MSF-A+SDL task’s supply control repository, the template will generate modern SDL requirements applicable to that undertaking. as an example, if the consumer creates a brand modern C# internet website, the template will add requirements akin to disabling tracing, and applying the AntiXss library.”

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    Microsoft options Framework - MSF - mission administration self-discipline v. 1.1  

    published on Jan 13, 2011  

    Microsoft solutions Framework Contents posted: June 2002 For more guidance on MSF, see: credits MSF Proje... survey greater

    74-100 Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) Practitioner

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    The torment family unit toured six special education amenities, attempting to find a very pleasant fitting for their son Emmett.

    As soon as they walked into The Watson Institute in Leet, just outside of Sewickley, they knew Emmett belonged.

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    The Watson Institute, included in 1917, is celebrating its one hundredth year of operation.

    And 100 years after Margaret and David T. Watson, a confidential alien legal professional who represented the likes of Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick, left their summer time domestic to serve as a middle to watch after much less lucky and crippled babies, The Watson Institute continues to comply with their mission to fulfill the needs of infants with disabilities.

    “You cannot lose focal point of that. What changed into their intent? And what were their wishes a hundred years in the past? I reckon they'd be very pleased with what has developed perquisite here and the features they supply,” CEO Barry Bohn spoke of. “or not it's modified to serve the wants of the group on what is needed, but on the core of it, it be serving tiny ones with disabilities.”

    these days, The Watson Institute serves roughly 500 tiny ones from 70 faculty districts at several locations together with its Sewickley Valley base, with programs and colleges also operating in Sharpsburg, Friendship and South Fayette. It serves babies with autism spectrum disorder and different neurological impairments, mind injuries and down syndrome in a school environment.

    In 1917, the nonprofit opened because the D.T. Watson domestic for Crippled children, serving girls ages 3 to 16 on the site of the Watson's former Sunny Hills summer time estate. It later served boys as smartly.

    during the years, The Watson Institute served infants with tuberculosis, cerebral palsy and polio, Bohn stated.

    The D.T. Watson domestic for Crippled tiny ones become one of four schools in the nation — alongside Harvard, Northwestern and Stanford — to be chosen by the national association of infantile Paralysis to provide watch after epidemic areas.

    In 1953, Watson became allotment of history when it became considered one of four medical affliction sites within the nation to verify Dr. Jonas Salk's polio vaccine.

    “We're satisfied to absorb played a tiny position, and it's brilliant to be named in historical past,” Bohn mentioned.

    In 1952, about 56,000 american citizens contracted polio, an infectious disease that can lead to paralysis. more than 3,000 of them died from the ailment. The success of the trials administered at the Watson resulted in extra frequent vaccinations.

    by 1957, the Watson Institute states, the variety of polio cases within the nation had declined to 5,600. That quantity continued to drop.

    in the Nineteen Sixties and '70s, the Watson Institute began providing actual remedy and rehab. As infants they had been serving grew up, the nonprofit everything started to tender these services for adults, operating a rehab medical institution.

    In 1999, board participants made the selection to skedaddle lower back to the Watson Institute's roots to heart of attention on infants, promoting the rehab clinic, which blanketed 60 percent of the business, Bohn mentioned.

    “In my eyes, it changed into a actual video game changer because for us, they started specializing in their core strengths, their core strengths with children, their core strengths with special education services in the faculty that they had been running,” he observed. “we now absorb been in a position to grow that and serve more and more babies.”

    all through the remaining decade, the Watson Institute has tried to continue to be focused on proposing features to disabled babies, while increasing additional into the group.

    That has meant opening modern amenities to be nearer to the students.

    In January, the Watson Institute opened its training core South in South Fayette. students from the Leet campus transitioned to be nearer to domestic when the modern college opened. The faculty, which could hang 112 college students, already has one hundred attending.

    phase II of the task, opening 10 additional lecture rooms at the college, with additional really pleasant classes, is set for completion in the subsequent a few months.

    Emmett damage, 12, become one of those students.

    Emmett, who has a chromosomal abnormality so rare that it doesn't even absorb a name, spent 45 minutes on the bus everyday touring to the Leet facility, with a nurse at his facet. Emmett is nonverbal, nonambulatory and functions at the degree of a 6-month-historic baby.

    He suffers from asphyxia and infrequently grew to become green from motion affliction on the undergo to and from college, referred to mother Stacy damage, who become clinically determined with stage four colorectal cancer in 2014.

    With so a whole lot on her plate, having Emmett nearer to home and realizing he turned into arriving at college happier, with a grin on his face, made mother ecstatic.

    “when you absorb these two adversarial situations to your life, when you've got some thing going your manner, or not it's absolutely stunning,” Stacy damage observed. the modern college provided that additional peace for mother and dad.

    “For Emmett's actuality and for their existence, or not it's simply made it so a whole lot better,” she mentioned. “the aptitude is beautiful, the body of workers is magnificent.”

    Stacy damage has a dream of 1 day winning the lottery, just so she can give the body of workers at the Watson Institute everything they've ever desired because of how tons they assist her family unit.

    “I believe them an extension of their family, as a result of they care about Emmett so a whole lot,” she noted.

    The remonstrate at the Watson Institute is to work with fogeys and faculty districts to most reliable location college students and work to accept them again into ordinary classrooms, over a epoch of time, Bohn referred to.

    they may be normally reviewing surveys from folks and school districts to more desirable learn how they could meet the wants of the college students and offering specialized programing at their colleges to answer these needs.

    In every example, Bohn stated, they Come back to the aim of helping disabled infants.

    because the board of directors engaged in a strategic planning manner to do together for the long sprint in the remaining two years, they determined to haul out the one hundred-12 months-historic will of David and Margaret Watson and browse it.

    Their focal point is fundamental: “What are the concerns in state-of-the-art ambiance and establishing transitions for them and establishing transitions returned to the college district. ... For us, we're trying to be as concentrated as they can be, to not are trying to be everything issues to everything individuals, however to be the absolute best at serving the special needs inhabitants,” Bohn observed.

    looking on the will, Bohn referred to, it be surprising how aligned the school is nowadays with the mission one hundred years in the past of the Watsons.

    “We're stewards of components and the mission that they had been entrusted with and they dedicate ourselves to that,” he referred to.

    Stephanie Hacke is a Tribune-review contributing author.

    Saints snap counts: Garrett Griffin, Zach Line survey uptick in win vs. Jets | existent questions with brain dumps

    With injuries piling up at tight conclusion, the brand modern Orleans Saints gave two players extended roles in Sunday's 31-19 win over the ny Jets.

    Fullback Zach Line and tight conclusion Garrett Griffin each performed season highs in repellent snaps (21) and snap percent (31 percent) within the win as coaches regarded for methods to hold blocking off-concentrated gamers on the field.

    The Saints absorb been without tight finish Coby Fleener seeing that he suffered a season-ending concussion in the Week 12 loss to the la Rams. For the most half, the crime has leaned more on tight ends Josh Hill and Michael Hoomanawanui since Fleener's damage.

    On Sunday, although, Hoomanawanui left the online game with a concussion within the first half after taking allotment in just nine snaps, and whereas Hill played 45 of 68 snaps (sixty six %), coaches had to weigh on different players, too.

    Line, a fifth-yr seasoned, now and then lined up as a receiver on performs the locality he turned into minute to dam, which is how the Saints constantly employ their tight ends. If Hoomanawanui continues to miss time, Line could proceed to play a hybrid role within the offense.

    Line has performed 10 games for the Saints this year, and he caught his first pass of the season, a 5-yard profit, on Sunday.

    Griffin, who spent most of 2016 and 2017 on the solemnize squad, changed into lively for just the 2d time on Sunday, however when Hoomanawanui went out, coaches obviously did not falter to give him greater snaps. He didn't absorb any objectives in the game, notwithstanding.

    If Hoomanawanui's concussion indicators linger, the Saints could watch at free-agent alternatives at tight end, however Line and Griffin might proceed to fill in, too.

    here are any other notes from the snap weigh number file:

    defensive ends: Cameron Jordan 68 of seventy four (92 %), George Johnson 31 (forty two p.c), Hau'oli Kikaha 30 (forty one %), Al-Quadin Muhammad 17 (23 percent)

    here's probably the most the Saints absorb relied on shielding ends due to the fact that Alex Okafor suffered a season-ending Achilles tendon injury in Week 11, however the greatest astonish is that Johnson played more than Kikaha and Muhammad as the protection accounted for the absence of Trey Hendrickson (ankle). Johnson just signed with the group ultimate Tuesday, but with just a number of practices, he clearly impressed the coaches. don't be surprised if this vogue continues after Johnson had a sack and a handle for loss on Sunday.

    broad receivers: Michael Thomas 63 of sixty eight (93 %), Brandon Coleman 52 (seventy six %), Willie Snead 37 (fifty four percent), Tommylee Lewis 15 (22 percent)

    With Ted Ginn Jr. (rib) sitting out, the Saints needed to weigh extra on Snead and Lewis as both avid gamers saw an uptick in snaps. Neither participant had a tremendously expanded position in the passing video game, even though. Snead had three goals with one seize for 23 yards -- albeit a censorious third-down conversion -- and Lewis was now not centered. they are going to survey if Coleman's two fumbles lead coaches to alter the utilization of the receivers affecting ahead.

    Safeties: Kenny Vaccaro 74 (one hundred percent), Marcus Williams sixty nine (ninety three p.c), Vonn Bell 18 (24 p.c), Rafael Bush 5 (7 percent)

    Bell is the Saints' main tackler this season, so his quantity is distinctly low. This become his fewest snaps for the intuition that Week 1, when he performed just six snaps. In each online game considering the fact that then and before Sunday, he had performed as a minimum 33 snaps. 



    Irsa Inversiones y Representaciones : releases seventy four,100 cusecs water | existent questions with brain dumps

    The Indus River outfit Authority (IRSA) Thursday launched seventy four,100 cusecs water from numerous rim stations with influx o 50,200 cusecs.

    in accordance with the information released by IRSA, water stage in the Indus River at Tarbela Dam turned into 1438.eighty four ft, which turned into fifty eight.84 ft larger than its lifeless degree of 1,380 toes. Water influx within the dam became recorded as 22,four hundred cusecs and outflow as 30,000 cusecs.

    The water plane within the Jhelum River at Mangla Dam turned into 1115.15 ft, which changed into seventy five.15 feet greater than its lifeless degree of 1,040 toes whereas the influx and outflow of water turned into recorded as 7,seven hundred cusecs and 24,000 cusecs respectively.

    The unlock of water at Kalabagh, Taunsa and Sukkur became recorded as fifty five,200, 31,600 and 4,a hundred cusecs respectively.

    in a similar vogue from the Kabul River, 6,seven hundred cusecs of water become launched at Nowshera and seven,100 cusecs from the Chenab River at Marala.

    © Pakistan Press international, source Asianet-Pakistan

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