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Microsoft UPGRADE- Transition your

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update the workflow for agile group tasks | true questions with brain dumps

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This topic matter applies to group project that become created using a Microsoft solutions Framework (MSF) edition 5.0 procedure template and is defined on an on-premises crew foundation Server (TFS).

upon getting configured features to your upgraded team venture, which became created with a mode template in line with Microsoft options Framework (MSF) for Agile application pile v5.0, you'll want to manually update the person myth and stint workflow assignments. if you accomplish not update the workflow, then the assignment board provides only two states, energetic and Closed, as proven in prerogative here illustration. This prevents you and your group from distinguishing between projects which are in progress from folks that delight in not been began.

Task board for non-updated Agile team project

assignment board for an Agile team undertaking with out the counseled manual updates

Updates made by the Configure points wizard delight in been made to in shape the current workflow it really is defined on your group challenge. For Agile edition 5.0, this capability the fresh and eliminated states brought with the latest edition aren't present. These states assist transitioning consumer experiences from a brand fresh situation to an energetic state. devoid of the fresh situation described, a user myth assigned to an generation remains on the product backlog until it's resolved, which isn't the favored or expected behavior.

within the identical approach, adding the brand fresh situation to the project workflow lets users circulate initiatives from New, to active, to Closed the use of the assignment board. additionally, via including the eliminated situation to each the user myth and project classification definitions you allow clients to reduce studies and initiatives the use of the planning tools.

To assist the desired behaviors, you delight in to add the brand fresh and eliminated states to the user myth and stint toil merchandise types, and update the metastate mappings assigned in the technique configuration.


To sprint the witadmin command-line device, you must subsist a member of 1 of the following companies: crew groundwork directors, assignment collection directors, or venture administrators neighborhood for the crew project. discern Add directors, set permissions at the challenge-degree or project collection-stage.


The methods in this theme delight in been written in line with the Agile v6.0 procedure. To supplant your crew mission to hearten the newest workflow defined for Agile v6.1 technique, that you can adapt these techniques to in its dwelling replica the WORKFLOW sections of the latest Agile procedure template. huge updates were made to the workflow for several toil merchandise forms in the TFS 2012.1 update. These alterations aid backward transitions in order that should you inadvertently drag a piece item on the Kanban board or the assignment board to a resolved or closed state, you can drag it again to an past workflow state.

you're going to should operate the following steps:

  • Export the definitions for the person myth and project forms and for procedure configuration.

  • Insert code snippets to the workflow section for each user myth and project.

  • update the metastate mappings for the mode configuration.

  • Import the up to date definitions for the toil item varieties and technique configuration.

  • determine that the adjustments seem on the stint board.

  • crucial

    For here approaches to work, the energetic situation ought to subsist special in the workflow defined for the user myth and stint styles of toil items.

    To update the workflow states and transitions for user Story
  • Open a Command on the spot window based on the guidelines supplied in witAdmin: personalize and maneuver objects for monitoring work. as an instance:

    cd %programfiles(x86)%\Microsoft visible Studio 15.0\Common7\IDE
  • To export the class definition for person Story, enter prerogative here command, substituting your records for the arguments which are shown prerogative here, where CollectionURL specifies the URL of a team undertaking assortment, ProjectName specifies the appellation of a team undertaking defined inside the collection, and "DirectoryPath\FileName.xml" specifies the appellation and location for the file to export. Then press Enter.

    witadmin exportwitd /collection:CollectionURL /p:"ProjectName" /n:"user Story" /f:"DirectoryPath\FileName.xml"

    Use this layout for the URL: http://ServerName:Port/VirtualDirectoryName/CollectionName, for example: http://srvalm:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection.

  • In a text editor or in visible Studio, open the file you exported.

  • Add this code snippet between the lines <STATES> and <STATE cost="active">:

    <STATE price="New"> <FIELDS> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.common.ResolvedDate"> <EMPTY /> </field> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.average.ResolvedBy"> <EMPTY /> </container> <field refname="Microsoft.VSTS.general.ClosedDate"> <EMPTY /> </field> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.ordinary.ClosedBy"> <EMPTY /> </box> <box refname="Microsoft.VSTS.typical.ActivatedDate"> <EMPTY /> </box> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.usual.ActivatedBy"> <EMPTY /> </box> </FIELDS> </STATE> <STATE cost="eliminated" />
  • substitute the section that starts with <TRANSITION from=" " to="lively"> and ends with <TRANSITION> with this code snippet:

    <TRANSITION from="" to="New"> <causes> <DEFAULTREASON value="New" /> </factors> <FIELDS> <container refname="system.Description"> <DEFAULT from="price" cost="As a &lt;type of consumer&gt; I covet &lt;some purpose&gt; so that &lt;some rationale&gt;" /> </field> </FIELDS> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="New" to="active"> <factors> <DEFAULTREASON cost="Implementation started" /> </reasons> <FIELDS> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.regular.ActivatedBy"> <copy from="currentuser" /> <VALIDUSER /> <REQUIRED /> </field> <box refname="Microsoft.VSTS.general.ActivatedDate"> <SERVERDEFAULT from="clock" /> </field> <container refname="device.AssignedTo"> <DEFAULT from="currentuser" /> </field> </FIELDS> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="New" to="eliminated"> <motives> <DEFAULTREASON cost="removed from the backlog" /> </causes> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="energetic" to="New"> <explanations> <DEFAULTREASON value="Implementation halted" /> </reasons> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="removed" to="New"> <explanations> <DEFAULTREASON price="Reconsidering the person Story" /> </reasons> </TRANSITION>
  • retailer and shut the file.

  • Import the file, substituting your facts for the arguments that are shown.

    witadmin importwitd /assortment:CollectionURL /p:"ProjectName" /f:"DirectoryPath\FileName.xml"
  • To update the workflow states and transitions for task
  • Export the category definition for project, substituting your statistics for the arguments that are proven.

    witadmin exportwitd /collection:CollectionURL /p:"ProjectName" /n:"assignment" /f:"DirectoryPath\FileName.xml"
  • In a text editor or in visual Studio, open the file you exported.

  • Add this code snippet between the traces <STATES> and <STATE price="energetic">:

    <STATE value="New"> <FIELDS> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.typical.ClosedDate"> <EMPTY /> </container> <field refname="Microsoft.VSTS.regular.ClosedBy"> <EMPTY /> </container> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.commonplace.ActivatedDate"> <EMPTY /> </field> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.typical.ActivatedBy"> <EMPTY /> </field> </FIELDS> </STATE> <STATE price="eliminated" />
  • exchange the primary transition block, comparable to the lines that descend between <TRANSITION from="" to="lively"> and its closing </TRANSITION> tag, with this code snippet:

    <TRANSITION from="" to="New"> <causes> <DEFAULTREASON price="New" /> </reasons> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="New" to="active"> <moves> <action cost="Microsoft.VSTS.movements.StartWork" /> </actions> <reasons> <DEFAULTREASON cost="Work began" /> </causes> <FIELDS> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.regular.ActivatedBy"> <copy from="currentuser" /> <VALIDUSER /> <REQUIRED /> </container> <field refname="Microsoft.VSTS.regular.ActivatedDate"> <SERVERDEFAULT from="clock" /> </box> <field refname="gadget.AssignedTo"> <DEFAULT from="currentuser" /> </container> </FIELDS> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="energetic" to="New"> <movements> <motion cost="Microsoft.VSTS.moves.StopWork" /> </moves> <explanations> <DEFAULTREASON cost="Work halted" /> </reasons> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="New" to="Closed"> <movements> <action price="Microsoft.VSTS.moves.Checkin" /> </movements> <causes> <DEFAULTREASON value="accomplished" /> <rationale cost="cut" /> <purpose cost="Deferred" /> <intent cost="out of date" /> </reasons> <FIELDS> <box refname="Microsoft.VSTS.ordinary.ActivatedDate"> <READONLY /> </box> <box refname="Microsoft.VSTS.standard.ActivatedBy"> <READONLY /> </container> <container refname="Microsoft.VSTS.usual.ClosedDate"> <SERVERDEFAULT from="clock" /> </container> <field refname="Microsoft.VSTS.regular.ClosedBy"> <copy from="currentuser" /> <VALIDUSER /> <REQUIRED /> </field> </FIELDS> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="Closed" to="New"> <reasons> <DEFAULTREASON value="Reactivated" /> </explanations> <FIELDS> <container refname="equipment.AssignedTo"> <copy from="container" box="Microsoft.VSTS.common.ClosedBy" /> </field> </FIELDS> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="New" to="eliminated"> <causes> <DEFAULTREASON cost="faraway from the backlog" /> </explanations> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="energetic" to="removed"> <reasons> <DEFAULTREASON value="removed from the backlog" /> </reasons> </TRANSITION> <TRANSITION from="removed" to="New"> <explanations> <DEFAULTREASON price="Reconsidering the project" /> </explanations> </TRANSITION>
  • retailer and nigh the file.

  • Import the file, substituting your statistics for the arguments that are proven.

    witadmin importwitd /assortment:CollectionURL /p:"ProjectName" /f:"DirectoryPath\FileName.xml"
  • To update the metastate mappings for system configuration
  • category here command to export the ProcessConfiguration file, substituting your information for the arguments which are shown.

    witadmin exportprocessconfig /assortment:CollectionURL /p:"ProjectName" /f:"DirectoryPath\ ProcessConfiguration.xml"

    where, CollectionURL specifies the URL of the crew mission assortment and ProjectName specifies the appellation of your group challenge. use this layout for the URL: http://ServerName:Port/VirtualDirectoryName/CollectionName, for instance: http://srvalm:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection.

  • In Notepad or in one more text editor, open the ProcessConfiguration.xml file.

  • find the tag <RequirementWorkItems class="Microsoft.RequirementCategory" plural="experiences">.

  • replace the line <State class="Proposed" cost="energetic" /> with these lines:

    <State type="Proposed" cost="New" /> <State type="InProgress" price="active" />
  • locate the tag <TaskWorkItems category="Microsoft.TaskCategory">, and substitute the line <State category="Proposed" cost="energetic" /> with these strains:

    <State type="Proposed" price="New" /> <State category="InProgress" price="lively" />
  • determine that you've got prerogative here mappings:

    <RequirementWorkItems category="Microsoft.RequirementCategory" plural="studies"> <States> <State category="Proposed" value="New"/> <State category="InProgress value="active" /> <State classification="InProgress value="Resolved" /> <State class="finished" value="Closed" /> </States> </RequirementWorkItems> <TaskWorkItems class="Microsoft.TaskCategory"> <States> <State classification="Proposed" price="New" /> <State classification="InProgress" value="lively" /> <State class="complete" cost="Closed" /> </States> </TaskWorkItems>
  • save and nigh the file.

  • Import the configuration file.

    witadmin importprocessconfig /assortment:CollectionURL /p:ProjectName /f:"DirectoryPath\ProcessConfiguration.xml"
  • To investigate that the adjustments issue on the project board
  • Open the net portal and then connect with your crew assignment the usage of a URL that has the following structure:


    If TWA is already open, then refresh your browser to refresh the cache.

  • check that the assignment board columns now monitor New, lively, and Closed.

    Agile  stint board with updated workflowtask board for an Agile crew mission with the up-to-date workflow states

    To gain information of more about the use of the assignment board, discern sprint planning.

  • Microsoft's subsequent massive home windows 10 supplant will execute your iPhone and Android cellphone improved (significantly) | true questions with brain dumps

    microsoft windows terry myersonMicrosoft executive VP of home windows and gadgets Terry MyersonJustin Sullivan/Getty images

    On Thursday morning, Microsoft is expected to proclaim the home windows 10 descend Creators update, a free upgrade to the operating device set to launch on impeccable 500 million-plus lively home windows 10 gadgets later this 12 months.

    And whereas we'll delight in to wait a while to score their arms on this descend Creators replace — the appellation offers you a run-of-the-mill conception of when Microsoft thinks it'll formally drop — it looks to subsist sort of a doozy.

    First, Microsoft says, it'll encompass a windows myth Remix, a fresh app that takes your photos and movies and automatically stitches them into reviews, complete with a soundtrack and transitions. It sounds a bit like the photo second within the widespread Google photographs provider, but they will wait to hear greater about it.

    but the really cool issues are the fresh integrations between windows 10 and your iPhone or Android cellphone, which stand to basically execute your smartphone a lot more constructive. prerogative here's the breakdown:

  • Timeline: home windows 10 will maintain a operating tally of impeccable the apps you employ and sites you talk over with, within the order of in case you visited them. So in case your day gets interrupted, which you can swipe lower back through your timeline, minute by using minute and hour via hour, and bounce again into some thing you were doing at any time. and since it really works across iPhone, Android, and your pc, that you may opt for your toil back up on the go, too.
  • decide upon Up where You Left Off: Microsoft is prepping a feature that means that you can pull up your closing used file, app, or site on your mobile after you log off your pc, or vice versa. it's going to bewitch dwelling by course of the Cortana app on iOS and Android. Apple presents an analogous function, known as "Handoff," but it simplest works between Macs, iPhones, and iPads. This fresh feature will bridge together windows 10, Android, and iPhone. 
  • Clipboard: Microsoft is prepping a course to signify you can replica textual content and images from home windows 10 after which paste them on your iPhone or Android mobilephone. once again, Apple offers the very so-known as "customary clipboard," nevertheless it simplest works across Macs, iPhones, and iPads. 
  • now not to achieve too remarkable a point on it, however lots of these facets were best attainable to these relative few Apple enthusiasts who delight in been using a Mac with an iPhone.

    microsoft timeline windows 10Microsoft Timeline running on windows 10Microsoft

    they are positive, however, neatly, there are much more home windows 10 PCs on earth than there are Apple Macs, and there are much more Android telephones accessible than iPhones. So for these many tens of millions who are running some blend of home windows 10, Android, and iPhone, these elements stand to execute your digital actuality an abominable lot less difficult to manage.

    The simplest unhealthy information is that "decide on Up the dwelling You Left Off" requires developers to build that capacity into their apps — so whereas it appears viable that Microsoft's personal workplace apps will score it very prerogative now, it may well subsist a long time (if ever) until different everyday apps toil with the function.

    On the one hand, it's impeccable super constructive. still, the fact that Microsoft is bending over backwards to combine so tightly with Android and iPhone simply underscores Microsoft's failure to score its own windows telephone platforms off the floor. or not it's an distinguished concession to the reality of the smartphone market.

    there is no keep on when, precisely, the autumn Creators supplant should subsist purchasable. however, again in April, Microsoft signaled that it subsist going to are trying to free up distinguished windows 10 updates in March and September, so that gives you a rough conception of how lengthy you're going to ought to wait to try these items out for your self.

    Get the latest Microsoft stock fee here.

    SEE additionally: Microsoft has an formidable fresh procedure to tackle Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant NOW WATCH: hands-on with Microsoft's newest computing device it really is taking up Google and Apple

    home windows 10 Timeline fingers-on | true questions with brain dumps

    Microsoft thinks the manner you use your computing device hasn’t stored up with the instances, and wants to accomplish something about it. Its reply is Timeline, a brand fresh characteristic for home windows 10 that they tried November. It’s now attainable to windows Insiders as a fragment of construct 17063.

    Timeline is a fresh assignment view that’s according to, smartly, time. Apps are listed chronologically so that you can comfortably scroll impeccable the course down to learn a selected doc, software, or neighborhood of purposes you delight in been working with. It even works across devices, so long as they’re impeccable linked to the very Microsoft account.

    That’s the theory, at least — however fresh features infrequently live on first contact with their clients. Does Timeline in fact revolutionize the course you use home windows, or does it clear up an issue no one vital to solve?

    task View, flow over for Timeline

    Timeline isn't just a brand fresh function, however a alternative for stint View, which is summoned by hitting the icon to the prerogative of Cortana or mashing windows+Tab in your keyboard. happily, that doesn’t signify you lose any aspects. Timeline, like stint View, indicates a summary of impeccable open windows, and additionally your lively computers into the properly.

    The issue and suppose of Timeline is challenging to fault.

    The transition to Timeline has resulted in mild tweaks in the interface. as an example, you’ll now find the brand fresh desktop icon on the excellent as an alternative of the bottom, and window previews seem to subsist a bit larger than they was once. a fresh scroll bar on the appropriate facet allows you to scuttle down the listing of previously opened apps and files, if you for some motive would fairly no longer use the touchpad or scroll wheel. They seen partially of lag within the animations even on the powerful fresh floor ebook 2, which wasn’t visible in project View, however that could subsist because of Timeline’s early state.

    Lag apart, the seem and believe of Timeline is arduous to fault. assignment View became extremely convenient for critical multi-taskers, and Timeline is the same, so we’re pleased to inspect Microsoft hasn’t ruined a office that worked. If they should nitpick — and naturally, they should — we’d like to discern Timeline enable smaller window previews on significant monitors. prerogative now, having greater than nine or 10 windows open consequences in too many previews to fitting on the divulge impeccable at once, and that’s not anything that took dwelling with project View.

    What, where, and why?

    The in the back of Timeline seems primary. Your past apps and files issue chronologically, so you can select up what you were remaining doing. It’s like a visual browser historical past in your all desktop. apart from — it’s no longer that elementary.

    As Microsoft’s weblog submit says, “In Timeline, a user undertaking is the compund of a particular app and a specific piece of content you were engaged on at a particular time.” That… sounds just a small puzzling, doesn’t it?

    Windows 10 Timeline

    Yet, it’s now not. listing every software in precise, reverse chronological order can subsist a small of a multitude, so Timeline tries to neighborhood issues by means of what’s currently open, what was open previous in the day, and what changed into open on previous days.

    It’s a realistic method, but (at the least for now) it works a lot superior for documents than for applications. most likely that’s as a result of we’re much less more likely to travel away files open for long intervals than applications. Or it can subsist as a result of they use OneDrive, which integrates extraordinarily smartly into Timeline.

    some thing the case, they seen purposes they closed did not instantly issue below “previous these days” in Timeline view. in fact, most didn’t seem at all. Microsoft says this is anticipated, as a result of most purposes aren’t built to issue in Timeline. developers need to create “tremendous endeavor playing cards” for inclusion. note, even though, this is applicable best to the background component of Timeline. presently opened apps always issue as a window preview.

    nevertheless, counting on developer updates will execute Timeline less helpful within the short-term. They besides didn’t discern first birthday celebration apps like edge panoply up, which Microsoft says may quiet subsist supported — a likely bug.

    The privacy menu, so that it will let clients exert some manage over how previous projects appear, become additionally bugged. It crashed on every occasion they tried to open it. Insider builds, individuals — they’re not without their hazards! If it did work, the menu would let us control endeavor monitoring on a per equipment-basis, control linked money owed, and wipe the tradition clear.

    OneDrive for the win

    while application support is sketchy for now, documents saved in OneDrive labored, and that they showed how constructive Timeline will besides be.

    every doc they opened in subsist watchful and outdo become directly seen in Timeline even moments after they closed it. superior nonetheless, Timeline pulled in documents from earlier than the office become carried out. Their doc history went impeccable of the course again to November nineteenth, one month previous to the date they installed it.

    info opened on one equipment delight in been completely mirrored on the other.

    That spanned their devices. They noticed documents that they opened on a Microsoft surface seasoned over a piece shuttle two weeks prior, and that equipment hasn’t acquired the Insiders update. It hasn’t been grew to become on on account that the brand fresh build went live. They additionally up-to-date two gadgets to home windows 10 construct 17063, and saw info opened on one completely mirrored on the different. It become seamless, and required no further setup.

    There’s no doubt this will exchange their workflow. during the past, they trusted the “fresh” columns of notice and outdo to find lately edited documents. Now, that’s no longer essential. finding and opening documents without detain from Timeline is easy, casting off a step from their workflow. It’s not going to change the area, but it’s handy.

    Timeline will bewitch time, but looks promising

    It’s no flabbergast that Timeline isn’t excellent. this is the very first public release, available handiest to home windows Insiders on the quickly Ring. for most, it doesn’t encompass units — one more upcoming feature.

    still, i can discern the component and, as an avid user of workplace 365 and OneDrive, i will’t watch for it to simplify my work. Having immediate access to past files from a single, imperative control panel is excellent. bound, they kinda enjoyed the very odds from the short entry feature of File Explorer — however Timeline is grander, bolder, greater eye-catching, and just a tad less complicated to access.

    here's what they wish to discern from home windows 10. features like greater smartphone built-in and Xbox support are first-rate, however for us, home windows is concerning the desktop, and making the computing device as valuable as feasible. Timeline is a promising, innovative step in that course.

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