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70-515-VB TS-Web Applications development w/Microsoft .NET Frmwk 4

Article by Killexams Microsoft Certification Experts 70-515-VB free pdf | 70-515-VB pdf download

TS-Web Applications development w/Microsoft

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70-515-VB TS-internet purposes construction w/Microsoft .net Frmwk four | real questions with brain dumps

Pass4sure 70-515-VB TS-net functions building w/Microsoft .web Frmwk four examination braindumps with re  

published on Jul 9, 2017  

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Microsoft adds location attention to its Azure IoT app building platform | real questions with brain dumps


Mark Nolan / Getty images for Microsoft

even though it consultants and the tech press had been touting the era of the information superhighway of issues (IoT) for over a decade now, it has handiest been raw the way through the previous few years the station the practical merits of IoT for business organizations gain raw started coming to fruition. sensible gadgets, astute clouds, and fraction computing sensors are raw regular applied sciences deployed in companies and groups everywhere the realm. IoT is just fraction of the business technological panorama.

some of the more captious facets of IoT—and above raw crucial in a business ambiance marked through ever-increasing mobility—is area focus. firms deserve to no longer most effective comprehend what records their smart gadgets are collecting but additionally where they're collecting it. here's one of the motives Microsoft introduced a current Azure service on the AutoMobility LA convention in November 2017.

the public preview of Azure vicinity primarily based services is obtainable now and constitutes Microsoft's continuing dedication to manufacturer Azure as the de facto cloud platform for commercial enterprise development of IoT purposes.

SEE: Cloud platform spotlight: The suitable three contenders (Tech seasoned analysis) area, vicinity, region

With Azure station based features, Microsoft is maneuvering Azure into position because the impartial construction platform for what it has dubbed the "location of things." through the current service, builders can build mobility, asset monitoring, and other geospatial functions that supply constructive insights through one dashboard.

With mobility and the means to track belongings fitting extra essential to companies as they perceive for tactics to store gasoline prices and power consumption, the building of region mindful purposes requires an intelligent platform. Azure vicinity primarily based services gives frameworks for APIs, maps, geocoding, traffic monitoring, and routing computations that could build utility building sooner and greater efficient.

the first legitimate Microsoft companion on the Azure location based mostly capabilities platform is mapmaker TomTom, which is the exercise of Microsoft's Azure API as a groundwork for its own mapping API that relies on neighborhood enter for accuracy and timeliness. With the assist of Azure location based services, TomTom plans to play an tremendous function in the construction of judicious cities and sensible automobiles with its mapping platform.

SEE: particular file: Cybersecurity in an IoT and cell world (free ZDNet/TechRepublic PDF) base line aalbs-infographic-2017final-800x533.jpg


IoT isn't any longer an abstract pledge of technology to come. it's a realistic, neatly-based ordinary working process deployed and in exercise daily by using businesses internationally. The power and benefits of IoT are saving companies cash and providing insights into information patterns that are driving enterprise extend in ways we're only dawn to fathom.

Of path, to consume talents of those IoT advantages, organizations gain to extend the correct functions. From Microsoft's standpoint, the most reliable systems for building IoT applications are its Azure capabilities and items. Microsoft's preview of Azure region primarily based functions is barely its newest astute cloud offering.

just relish the rest of the assistance expertise industry, Microsoft knows that the subsequent combat for market dominance should breathe fought over cloud-based software building platforms that serve enterprise-in a position IoT, huge data, artificial intelligence, and computer studying infrastructure. enterprise suggestions know-how has moved to the edge of the cloud and developers want tools and frameworks to translate what happens on the aspect into some thing helpful.

area recognition is a vital component of these development tools and Azure station based capabilities is Microsoft's retort to the problem.

additionally study... Your innovations

Are your commercial enterprise IoT instruments mobile? Are they area mindful? should still they be? partake your ideas and opinions together with your friends at TechRepublic in the discussion thread beneath.

excessive DPI computer software building on home windows | real questions with brain dumps

This content is focused at builders who wish to update computer functions to deal with dynamic screen scale ingredient (a.k.a. DPI) adjustments so that these purposes might breathe crisp on any screen that they’re rendered on.

To delivery off, in case you’re developing a current windows app from scratch, it's totally advised that you create a regular windows Platform (UWP) application. UWP functions instantly (and dynamically) scale for each and every screen that they’re operating on.

desktop purposes that exercise older windows programming technologies (uncooked Win32 programming, home windows forms, windows Presentation Framework (WPF), etc.) enact not immediately address DPI scaling and, as a result, will render blurry or breathe sized incorrectly in lots of touchstone utilization eventualities unless work is executed by the developer to handle these eventualities. This doc provides context and assistance about what is involved in updating a laptop utility to render as it should be.

monitor Scale ingredient & DPI

As screen technology has improved, pomp panel manufacturers gain packed an increasing variety of pixels into every unit of physical space on their panels. This has resulted within the dots-per-inch (DPI) of coincident screen panels being a distinguished deal better than they've traditionally been. during the past, most displays had 96 pixels per linear inch of actual area (96 DPI) but now (as of 2017) there are displays with virtually 300 DPI (or better) available on the market. Most legacy desktop UI frameworks gain built-in assumptions that the screen DPI is a relentless price raw the way through the lifetime of the technique. When functions that exercise these frameworks journey a DPI alternate, they most likely will no longer update their content to mirror this trade.

today, youngsters, it is very impartial for functions to gain the DPI cost of the monitor that they’re operating on change varied times raw through the lifetime of their tactics. Some habitual situations where the betray scale component/DPI adjustments are:

  • dissimilar-computer screen setups the station every screen has a special scale factor and the application is moved from one screen to yet another (reminiscent of a 4K and a 1080p display)
  • Docking and undocking a elevated DPI computer with a low-DPI external screen (or vice versa)
  • Connecting by way of far off desktop from a elevated DPI desktop/pill to a low-DPI machine (or vice versa)
  • Making a reveal-scale-aspect settings alternate while applications are operating
  • In these scenarios, UWP applications select up on the DPI exchange and redraw themselves for the brand current DPI with out the developer doing any work although desktop applications will now not (unless they’ve been updated). as a result of desktop functions commonly don’t reply to the exchange in DPI, they pomp up blurry or sized incorrectly after the DPI trade.

    DPI focus Mode

    some of the first ideas to breathe privy to when updating a computer utility to correctly DPI scale is that computing device purposes ought to inform windows what stage of DPI scaling they assist. computing device purposes can elope under diverse DPI cognizance modes (with the aid of default, laptop functions are completely DPI unaware and are bitmap-stretched by home windows). by using running below these modes, purposes betray windows how they enact or now not address DPI scaling. When the screen scale component of the pomp that a desktop application is rendering on alterations, the deportment that the application exhibits depends upon the DPI awareness mode that the utility is running below.

    beneath is a list of the distinctive DPI focus modes that home windows supports:

    DPI Unaware

    DPI unaware functions render as if the screen that they are on has a DPI cost of 96. on every occasion these purposes are elope on a monitor with a monitor scale better than 100% (> 96 DPI), home windows will stretch the software bitmap to the anticipated physical dimension, although this outcomes within the utility being blurry.

    equipment DPI awareness

    desktop applications which are device DPI cognizant customarily realize the DPI of the simple linked pomp screen on startup. throughout initialization, they design their UI correctly (sizing controls, deciding upon font sizes, loading property, etc.) for that separate DPI. gadget DPI-conscious functions are not DPI scaled by windows (bitmap stretched) on the basic betray (unless the pomp scale factor alterations whereas the utility is running). When the application is moved to a screen with a unique scale ingredient (or the monitor scale element in any other case alterations), windows will bitmap stretch the utility bitmap, which can result in it being blurry. comfortably, equipment-DPI-aware computer purposes handiest render as it should breathe at a separate betray scale aspect and develop into blurry every time the DPI changes.

    Per-video pomp and Per-computer screen (V2) DPI focus

    it is suggested that desktop purposes are up-to-date to build exercise of per-monitor DPI attention mode so as to render as it should breathe whenever the DPI of the screen that they’re working on alterations. When an software reports to home windows that it wants to elope during this mode, windows will step out of the way and never DPI scale the application when the DPI changes. it is fully the application’s accountability to tackle resizing itself for the current DPI. The motive that work is required here, by using the utility, is that almost raw UI frameworks that laptop software exercise (windows touchstone controls (comctl32), windows varieties, home windows Presentation Framework, and so forth.) enact not lead computerized DPI scaling through default.

    There are two models of Per-display screen attention that an software can register itself as: version 1 and edition 2 (PMv2). Registering a procedure as working in PMv2 recognition mode outcomes in:

  • The software being notified when the DPI changes (both the exact-stage and child HWNDs)
  • The application seeing the raw pixels of each reveal
  • The utility on no account being DPI scaled by using home windows
  • Non-customer enviornment (caption bar, scroll bars, etc.) automatically being DPI scaled through home windows
  • Win32 dialogs (from CreateDialog) immediately DPI scaled by means of windows
  • Theme-drawn bitmap belongings in habitual controls (checkboxes, button backgrounds, and so forth.) being automatically rendered at the arrogate DPI scale factor
  • When operating in Per-monitor V2 consciousness mode, purposes are notified when their DPI has modified. If an utility doesn't resize itself for the brand current DPI, the application UI will appear too small or too tremendous (depending on the disagreement within the extinct and current DPI values).

    note  Per-video pomp V1 (PMv1) attention is awfully restricted. it's suggested that functions exercise PMv2.

    The desk beneath shows how purposes will render beneath different scenarios:

    DPI cognizance Mode windows edition announcedApplication's view of DPI conduct on DPI amendmentUnaware N/A All shows are ninety six DPI Bitmap-stretching (blurry) system Vista All displays gain the equal DPI (the DPI of the fundamental screen on the time the home windows session became begun) Bitmap-stretching (blurry) Per-monitor 8.1 The DPI of the monitor that the utility window is essentially discovered on
  • accurate-stage HWND is notified of DPI exchange
  • NO DPI scaling of:

  • Non-customer area
  • Theme-drawn bitmaps in impartial controls (comctl32 V6)
  • Dialogs (CreateDialog*)
  • Per-computer screen V2 windows 10 Creators supersede (1703) The DPI of the pomp that the software window is primarily institute on
  • proper-stage and child HWNDs are notified of DPI alternate
  • automatic DPI scaling of:

  • Non-customer area
  • Theme-drawn bitmaps in touchstone controls (comctl32 V6)
  • Dialogs (CreateDialog*)
  • Per pomp screen (V1) DPI awareness

    Per-video pomp V1 DPI focus mode (PMv1) changed into added with home windows 8.1. This DPI awareness mode is awfully confined and only offers the functionality listed under. it's informed that computer purposes exercise Per-monitor V2 cognizance mode.

    The preliminary assist for per-video pomp focus handiest provided functions here:

  • proper-degree HWNDs are notified of a DPI trade and offered a brand current recommended measurement
  • home windows will now not bitmap stretch the application UI
  • The software sees raw shows in actual pixels (see virtualization)
  • Per pomp screen DPI Scaling lead by way of UI Framework / technology

    The table below indicates the stage of per-video pomp DPI recognition wait on provided with the aid of numerous home windows UI frameworks (as of 2017):

    Framework / eraaidOS versionDPI Scaling handled throughextra analyzing typical home windows Platform (UWP) complete1604 UI framework established home windows Platform (UWP) raw Win32/usual Controls V6 (comctl32.dll)
  • DPI trade notification messages despatched to raw HWNDs
  • Theme-drawn belongings render correctly in general controls
  • automated DPI scaling for dialogs
  • 1703 application GitHub patternWindows formsLimited automatic per-display screen DPI scaling for some controls 1703 UI framework excessive DPI champion in home windows formsWindows Presentation Framework (WPF) Native WPF applications will DPI scale WPF hosted in different frameworks and other frameworks hosted in WPF don't instantly scale 1604 UI framework GitHub patternGDI None N/A software See GDI high-DPI Scaling GDI+ None N/A software See GDI high-DPI Scaling MFC None N/A software N/A Updating existing purposes

    to breathe able to supersede an existing computer software to address DPI scaling competently, it has to breathe updated such that, at a minimal, the vital ingredients of its UI are up to date to respond to DPI alterations.

    Most computer applications elope under gadget DPI cognizance mode. system-DPI-mindful applications usually scale to the DPI of the basic betray (the pomp that the gadget tray became located on on the time the home windows session changed into raw started). When the DPI changes, windows will bitmap stretch the UI of these functions, which frequently results in them being blurry. When updating a gadget-DPI-mindful application to develop into per-monitor-DPI mindful, the code which handles UI design must breathe updated such that it is not carried out best as soon as during application initialization however in its station is processed every time a DPI change notification (handing the WM_DPICHANGED message in the case of Win32) is received. This customarily contains revisiting any assumptions in the code that the UI handiest needs to breathe scaled as soon as.

    also, in the case of Win32 programming, many Win32 APIs should not gain any DPI or pomp context so they will handiest return values relative to the basic monitor’s DPI. It may besides breathe advantageous to grep via your code to quest some of those APIs and change them with DPI-aware variations. probably the most ordinary APIs which gain DPI-aware variations are:

    Single DPI versionPer-display screen editionGetSystemMetrics GetSystemMetricsForDpi AdjustWindowRectEx AdjustWindowRectExForDpi SystemParametersInfo SystemParametersInfoForDpi GetDpiForMonitor GetDpiForWindow

    it is besides a trustworthy suggestion to quest “magic numbers”, which might breathe tough-coded sizes that signify on a relentless DPI, and substitute these with code that handles DPI scaling. beneath is an instance that incorporates raw of those counsel:


    The illustration below suggests a simplified Win32 case of developing a baby HWND which assumes that the application is operating at 96 DPI

    case WM_CREATE: BS_PUSHBUTTON, 50, 50, a hundred, 50, hWnd, (HMENU)NULL, NULL, NULL);

    The modified code below suggests:

  • The window-introduction code DPI scaling the position and size of the child HWND for the DPI of its father or mother window
  • Responding to DPI exchange through repositioning and resizing the child HWND
  • challenging-coded (“magic numbers”) eliminated and replaced with code that responds to DPI adjustments
  • #outline INITIALX_96DPI 50 #define INITIALY_96DPI 50 #define INITIALWIDTH_96DPI a hundred #define INITIALHEIGHT_96DPI 50 // DPI scale the position and measurement of the button handle void UpdateButtonLayoutForDpi(HWND hWnd) int iDpi = GetDpiForWindow(hWnd); int dpiScaledX = MulDiv(INITIALX_96DPI, iDpi, 96); int dpiScaledY = MulDiv(INITIALY_96DPI, iDpi, 96); int dpiScaledWidth = MulDiv(INITIALWIDTH_96DPI, iDpi, 96); int dpiScaledHeight = MulDiv(INITIALHEIGHT_96DPI, iDpi, 96); SetWindowPos(hWnd, hWnd, dpiScaledX, dpiScaledY, dpiScaledWidth, dpiScaledY, SWP_NOZORDER ... case WM_CREATE: // Add a button HWND hWndChild = CreateWindow(L"BUTTON", L"click Me", WS_CHILD ruin; case WM_DPICHANGED: // locate the button and resize it HWND hWndButton = FindWindowEx(hWnd, NULL, NULL, NULL); if (hWndButton != NULL) UpdateButtonLayoutForDpi(hWndButton); damage;

    When updating a device-DPI conscious application, some touchstone steps to succeed are:

  • Mark the system as per-monitor DPI cognizant (V2) the usage of an software manifest (or other formula, counting on the UI framework(s) used).
  • Make UI layout logic reusable and flood it out of software-initialization code such that it can besides breathe reused when a DPI exchange happens (WM_DPICHANGED within the case of windows (Win32) programming).
  • Invalidate any code that assumes that DPI-delicate statistics (DPI/fonts/sizes/and so forth.) certainly not deserve to breathe updated. it's a extremely common rehearse to cache font sizes and DPI values at manner initialization. When updating an application to become per-computer screen DPI mindful, DPI-sensitive statistics gain to breathe reevaluated on every occasion a brand current DPI is encountered.
  • When a DPI change occurs, reload (or re-rasterize) any bitmap belongings for the brand current DPI or, optionally, bitmap stretch the at the moment loaded property to the arrogate dimension.
  • Grep for APIs that aren't DPI sensitive and exchange them with DPI-sensitive APIs (the station applicable). instance: exchange GetSystemMetrics with GetSystemMetricsForDpi.
  • verify your application on a numerous-display/multi-DPI gadget.
  • For any desirable-degree windows on your utility that you're unable to supersede to adequately DPI scale, exercise blended-mode DPI scaling (described under) to gain these right-stage windows breathe bitmap stretched by home windows.
  • mixed-Mode DPI Scaling (Sub-method DPI Scaling)

    When updating an utility to wait on per-computer screen DPI consciousness, it will possibly become impractical or unattainable (in some circumstances) to update each window in the application. this may without vicissitude breathe as a result of the time and effort required to supersede and examine raw UI or because you don't own raw of the UI code that you just deserve to elope (in case your application possibly hundreds third-celebration UI). In these cases, home windows presents a means to ease in to the area of per-monitor cognizance with the aid of letting you elope some of your application home windows (suitable-level simplest) of their long-established DPI-focus mode while you focus your time and energy updating the more necessary constituents of your UI.

    below is an illustration of what this could issue to be: you update your leading software UI (“leading Window” in the illustration) to elope with per-video pomp DPI recognition whilst you elope different home windows of their existing mode (“Secondary Window”).

    Differences in DPI scaling between awareness modes

    prior to the home windows 10 Anniversary update (1604), the DPI awareness mode of a technique become a manner-extensive property. within the home windows 10 Anniversary update sub-technique DPI consciousness lead was added. Sub-process DPI consciousness enables you to gain a divide DPI attention mode for each top-level window (having different DPI scaling modes for infant HWNDs is not supported, as of the home windows 10 Creators supersede (1703)) on your application. A good-level window is described as a window with out a mum or dad. here's typically a “typical” window with lower, maximize, and shut buttons. The scenario that sub-method DPI cognizance is meant for is to gain secondary UI scaled by way of home windows (bitmap stretched) while you focus your time and components on updating your basic UI.

    To enable sub-procedure DPI cognizance, with ease muster SetThreadDpiAwarenessContext earlier than and after any window creation calls. The window it really is created may breathe linked to the DPI awareness that you set by the exercise of SetThreadDpiAwarenessContext. exercise the second appellation to repair the present thread’s DPI attention.

    while using sub-process DPI scaling permits you to rely on home windows to enact probably the most DPI scaling on your utility, it can enhance the complexity of your utility. it is crucial that you simply breathe cognizant the drawbacks of this strategy and nature of the complexities that it introduces. For extra information about sub-technique DPI awareness, notice blended-Mode DPI Scaling and DPI-conscious APIs.

    checking out Your adjustments

    after you gain up-to-date your utility to develop into per-monitor DPI cognizant it is necessary that you validate your changes in a combined-DPI atmosphere. it is captious to validate that your UI code responds competently to DPI changes when your software home windows are moved from one betray to one more which gain different DPI values. Some most desirable-practices are:

  • flow software home windows from side to side between shows with different DPI values
  • start your utility on shows with distinctive DPI values
  • alternate the dimensions ingredient in your video pomp whereas the application is working
  • change the screen that you simply exercise because the simple reveal, log out and back in to home windows, and re-test your software. This verify is exceptionally effective in finding code that uses hard-coded sizes/dimensions.
  • average Pitfalls (Win32)

    now not using the counseled rectangle that is provided in WM_DPICHANGED

    When windows sends your utility window a WM_DPICHANGED message, this message includes a advised rectangle that breathe sure to resize your utility to. it's crucial that your utility exercise this rectangle to resize itself as a result of the exercise of this rectangle will:

  • be sure that the mouse cursor will stay in the equal relative station on the Window when dragging between displays
  • prevent the software window from stepping into a recursive dpi-exchange cycle where one DPI trade triggers a subsequent DPI change, which triggers yet one other DPI change.
  • in case you gain application-particular requirements that avert you from using the cautioned rectangle that home windows offers within the WM_DPICHANGED message, notice WM_GETDPISCALEDSIZE. This message may besides breathe used to give home windows a preferred dimension that you just’d just relish the window to build exercise of as soon as the DPI trade has happened, while still heading off the concerns described above.

    Lack of documentation about virtualization

    When an HWND or manner is working as both DPI unaware or gadget DPI cognizant it will besides breathe bitmap stretched by way of home windows. When this occurs, home windows returns DPI-delicate guidance from some API calls scaled to the coordinate space of the calling thread. as an instance, if a system is DPI unaware (and operating on a high-DPI reveal) and queries the monitor dimension, windows will virtualize the retort given to the software such that it sees the pomp size in 96 DPI devices. alternatively, when a device-DPI-mindful HWND is working on a pomp with a special DPI than become in exercise when the gadget turned into raw started, windows will DPI-scale some API calls into the coordinate space that the HWND can breathe using if it had been working at its customary DPI scale element.

    when you update your computer software to DPI scale adequately, it is intricate to grasp which API calls are virtualized and which don't appear to be, and this information isn't sufficiently documented via Microsoft. breathe mindful that in case you appellation any gadget API from a DPI-unaware or device-DPI-mindful thread context, the return cost may breathe virtualized.

    Many windows APIs enact not gain an DPI context

    an extra challenge that you simply’ll physiognomy while updating an latest computer utility to develop into per-video pomp DPI conscious is that many legacy home windows APIs will not gain DPI or HWND context as a fraction of their interface. as a result of this, developers often gain to enact further work to tackle DPI scaling any DPI-delicate suggestions (similar to sizes, aspects, or icons). One instance of where this lack of DPI context can rotate into intricate is LoadIcon. within the case of LoadIcon, developers will gain to bitmap stretch icon bitmaps to the acceptable DPI or find an option solution to load icons for the acceptable DPI.

    pressured reset of procedure-vast DPI attention

    In time-honored, the DPI awareness mode of your process cannot breathe modified after system initialization. windows can, besides the fact that children, forcibly alternate the DPI cognizance mode of your system if you attempt to smash the requirement that every one HWNDs in a window tree gain the equal DPI attention mode. As for home windows 10 1703, it isn't viable to gain distinctive HWNDs in an HWND tree elope in divide DPI cognizance modes. if you try and create a toddler-father or mother relationship that breaks this rule, the DPI awareness of the complete system may besides breathe reset. This can breathe caused with the aid of:

  • A CreateWindow appellation the station the passed in mother or father window is of a different DPI cognizance mode than the calling thread.
  • A SetParent appellation the station both windows are linked to different DPI awareness modes.
  • The table beneath shows what happens if you try to violate this rule: Operation home windows eight.1 home windows 10 (1607 and earlier) home windows 10 (1703 and later) CreateWindow (In-Proc) N/A child inherits (blended mode) baby inherits (combined mode) CreateWindow (cross-Proc) compelled reset (of caller's method) infant inherits (mixed mode) compelled reset (of caller's process) SetParent (In-Proc) N/A pressured reset (of latest procedure) Fail (ERROR_INVALID_STATE) SetParent (pass-Proc) forced reset (of baby window's manner) pressured reset (of infant window's procedure) forced reset (of newborn window's process) related themes high DPI API Reference mixed-Mode DPI Scaling and DPI-mindful APIs.

    70-515-VB TS-Web Applications development w/Microsoft .NET Frmwk 4

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