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70-345 Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

Article by Killexams Microsoft Certification Experts 70-345 free pdf | 70-345 pdf download

Designing and Deploying Microsoft

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set up lively listing and certificate capabilities in Azure the usage of Infrastructure-as-Code — half 2 | actual questions with brain dumps

in fraction two of this sequence on deploying lively directory and a member server running certificates functions in Microsoft Azure, I’ll disclose you the way to add a PowerShell preferred situation Configuration (DSC) aid to the assignment.

partially one, I explained how I created the JSON template that provisions the resources in Azure. I combined two templates from Microsoft’s Quickstart gallery and walked you through how the resources are provisioned. by means of the finish of the first part, I’d coated the deployment of two domain controllers and a member server. however I quiet need to set up and configure advert certificate features (ADCS) on the member server.

Add a resource

active listing is configured on both zone controllers using PowerShell DSC. DSC is Microsoft’s administration platform based on PowerShell. It makes it possible for DevOps and materiel directors to control IT and evolution infrastructure the exercise of code. DSC uses a declarative model that lets you situation the way you’d dote servers to be configured while not having to be troubled about the ‘mechanics’. For more suggestions on working with PowerShell DSC, see How finish I Create a favored situation Configuration? on Petri.

the 1st step is so as to add a PowerShell DSC resource to the third VM. be vigilant that this VM is a member of their domain.

  • be positive that the azuredeploy.json file is open within the censorious pane.
  • locate the VM within the JSON define panel on the left, appropriate-click and select Add novel aid from the menu.
  • within the Add useful resource dialogue, supply the brand novel aid a name. I referred to as it provisionvm.
  • opt for a VM from the virtual computer drop-down menu. in this instance, the VM aid is called [dnsLabelPrefix].
  • click on Add.
  • Add a PowerShell DSC resource to a project in Visual Studio (Image Credit: Russell Smith)

    Add a PowerShell DSC useful resource to a challenge in visible Studio (graphic credit score: Russell Smith)

    The azuredeploy.json template might be up-to-date and the code that become brought highlighted within the hub panel. They need to effect positive that the PowerShell DSC code will flee best after the VM has been joined to the area. during this case, I need to installation certificate functions as an enterprise root certification authority (CA), i.e. a CA that is built-in with lively listing, so they need to wait unless the server isn't handiest provisioned however additionally joined to the domain. Let’s adjust the dependsOn parameter to be positive the PowerShell DSC resource isn’t provisioned until after the zone associate operation. by means of default, dependsOn for the aid feels dote this:

              "dependsOn": [

                "[resourceId('Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines', parameters('PKI'))]"

    however they need to change it to this:

              "dependsOn": [

                "[resourceId('Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines', parameters('PKI'))]",

                "[concat('Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/', parameters('PKI'),'/extensions/joindomain')]"

    There are two more parameters that they should adjust. modulesUrl should be set to a variable identify:


    "modulesUrl": "[variables('pkiTemplateUri')]",

    pkiTemplateUri is defined within the listing of variables at the satisfactory of the azuredeploy.json and is decided to the following course:


    "pkiTemplateUri": "[concat(parameters('_artifactsLocation'),'/windows-powershell-dsc/DSC/', parameters('_artifactsLocationSasToken'))]",

    The file must be in the assignment’s DSC folder. at last, configurationFunction should quiet be set as follows:


    "configurationFunction": "provisionvm.ps1\\rootca",

    the space provisionvm.ps1 is the identify of the PowerShell DSC source code and rootca is the configuration designation within the file that they wish to name.

    PowerShell DSC

    Now let’s create the PowerShell DSC code on the way to deploy ADCS on the digital laptop. I wrote the code that follows and it is in response to examples by using Microsoft that exhibit a way to install home windows facets and exercise the xAdcsDeployment resource. in case you add a PowerShell DSC useful resource to the challenge, VS instantly creates a PowerShell file for you. You’ll be in a position to see it in reply Explorer in the DSC folder and it will own the equal designation as you gave the useful resource that changed into added in the passe steps. There’s some sample code within the file that VS creates. you can safely delete it or exercise it as the basis to your personal code.

    Configure  lively Directory Certificate Services using PowerShell DSC (Image Credit: Russell Smith)

    Configure lively directory certificates capabilities the usage of PowerShell DSC (image credit score: Russell Smith)

    the 1st step is to import two required DSC components, xAdcsDeployment and PSDesiredStateConfiguration, using the Import-DscResource cmdlet. Then the ADCS bits are installed on the server. as a result of DSC makes exercise of a declarative syntax, they specify just that the fraction may quiet be ‘present’ and PowerShell will device out the leisure. The equal system is used to installation the ADCS administration tools. eventually, the xAdcsDeployment aid is used to configure ADCS once it's installed.









































    forty one

    forty two

    forty three


    Configuration rootca


         Import-DscResource -ModuleName xAdcsDeployment, PSDesiredStateConfiguration

         Node localhost


            # installation the ADCS certificate Authority

            WindowsFeature ADCSCA

                name = 'ADCS-Cert-Authority'

                be positive = 'present'



            # Configure the CA as Standalone Root CA

            xADCSCertificationAuthority ConfigCA


                ensure = 'current'

                # Credential = $LocalAdminCredential

                CAType = 'EnterpriseRootCA'

                CACommonName = $Node.CACommonName

                CADistinguishedNameSuffix = $Node.CADistinguishedNameSuffix

                ValidityPeriod = 'Years'

                ValidityPeriodUnits = 20

                CryptoProviderName = 'RSA#Microsoft utility Key Storage issuer'

                HashAlgorithmName = 'SHA256'

                KeyLength = 4096

                DependsOn = '[WindowsFeature]ADCSCA'


                WindowsFeature RSAT-ADCS


                ensure = 'latest'

                identify = 'RSAT-ADCS'

                DependsOn = '[WindowsFeature]ADCSCA'


            WindowsFeature RSAT-ADCS-Mgmt


                make certain = 'latest'

                name = 'RSAT-ADCS-Mgmt'

                DependsOn = '[WindowsFeature]ADCSCA'




    The configuration is referred to as rootca. which you can pick any identify you like. be vigilant that the code secrete that installs ADCS is referred to as ADCSCA. once more, that you would be able to pick anything designation you need. in the code, which you could see that DSC makes exercise of a parameter called DependsOn. This allows us to title that they gained’t configure the CA except the ADCS server role is installed on the server.

    before the code is uploaded to Azure, it should be added to a zipper archive. I created the archive the usage of PowerShell’s Compress-Archive cmdlet. The provisionvm.ps1 file turned into on my laptop, so you will need to exchange the paths beneath to replicate the vicinity of the information. Any resources used by means of PowerShell DSC must too be protected within the zip file, other than PSDesiredStateConfiguration, which is included in home windows by means of default.


    Compress-Archive -LiteralPath "C:\users\****\computer\provisionvm.ps1" -DestinationPath "C:\users\****\computing device\"

    After the zip file become created, I manually added the xAdcsDeployment DSC useful resource to the archive using File Explorer. The zip file own to be introduced to the challenge’s DSC folder.

    And that’s it! but the proper issues are simplest pretty much to birth. Getting VS to correctly provision the materials in Azure is the challenging part. see you partly three.

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    installation your ASP.internet Core app to a windows digital computing device | actual questions with brain dumps

    visible Studio group features (VSTS) offers a extremely customizable continuous integration (CI) and perennial deployment (CD) pipeline to immediately deploy your ASP.internet Core internet app to a home windows virtual computing device (VM) in Azure.

    you will exercise the VSTS portal to installation CI/CD. Your CI system runs the .net Core instructions to fix programs, construct and test the app, and at last post artifacts. Your CD technique instantly picks up these artifacts and deploys them to your environment. at last, you are going to verify everyone of it out by way of pushing a petite code grow to be your group's git repo. Your CI/CD strategies will automatically installation the change.

    A typical release pipeline for web applications

    Your code alterations instantly appear for your site:

    Screenshot showing ASP.NET Core web app

  • A VSTS account. if you finish not need one, that you would be able to create one for free. in case your crew already has one, then effect positive you are an administrator of the group job you need to use.
  • prepare the home windows VM

    working an ASP.internet Core app on windows requires some dependencies.

    to your VM, open an Administrator: home windows PowerShell console. deploy IIS and the mandatory .internet elements:

    # set up IIS set up-WindowsFeature internet-Server,net-Asp-Net45,internet-Framework-elements # deploy the .internet Core SDK Invoke-WebRequest -outfile $env:temp\dotnet-dev-win-x64.1.0.4.exe birth-system $env:temp\dotnet-dev-win-x64.1.0.four.exe -ArgumentList '/quiet' -Wait # deploy the .web Core windows Server hosting packageInvoke-WebRequest -outfile $env:temp\DotNetCore.WindowsHosting.exe delivery-technique $env:temp\DotNetCore.WindowsHosting.exe -ArgumentList '/quiet' -Wait # Restart the web server so that device course updates remove impact web cease become /y web delivery w3svc

    When net beginning w3svc appears, press Enter to flee it.

    Create a deployment neighborhood

    Deployment organizations in VSTS effect it less complicated to disarrange the servers that you just need to exercise to host your app. A deployment neighborhood is a group of machines with a VSTS agent on each and every of them. every desktop interacts with VSTS to coordinate deployment of your app.

  • Open the VSTS internet portal (, navigate to the construct and release hub, after which click Deployment corporations.

  • click Add Deployment neighborhood (or novel if there are already deployment organizations in region.

  • Enter a reputation for the neighborhood, similar to myIIS, after which click on Create.

  • within the Register computing device area, effect positive that windows is chosen, and that exercise a private access token in the script for authentication is too selected. click on replica script to clipboard.

    Screenshot showing update to code

    The script that you've copied to your clipboard will down load and configure an agent on the VM in order that it may acquire novel net deployment packages and drill them to IIS.

  • on your VM, in an Administrator PowerShell console, paste and flee the script.

  • in case you're induced to configure tags for the agent, press Enter (you are not looking for any tags).

  • if you're triggered for the consumer account, press Enter to settle for the defaults.

    The account under which the agent runs needs manage permissions for the C:\home windows\system32\inetsrv\ directory. including non-admin users to this listing is not recommended. moreover, in case you own a customized consumer id for the software pools, the identity wants license to examine the crypto-keys. native carrier accounts and user bills ought to remove delivery of study access for this. For greater particulars, see Keyset doesn't exist mistake message.

  • When the script is accomplished, it displays the message carrier vstsagent.account.computername began effectively.

  • On the Deployment agencies web page of the build and liberate hub in VSTS, open the myIIS deployment community. On the Machines tab, examine that your VM is listed.

    Screenshot showing update to code

  • Import code for sample app into VSTS

    VSTS is a full-featured Git server for hosting your group's supply code. you will import code for a pattern Core app into VSTS Git repository. here is the app that you'll be able to configure CI/CD for.

  • In VSTS, on the Code hub in your VSTS task, select the alternative to Import repository.

    import repository menu item

  • in the Import a Git repository dialog container, paste birthright here URL into the Clone URL textual content box.
  • click on Import to replica the sample code into your Git repo.

  • install continuous integration

    A perennial integration (CI) system automatically builds and exams code each time a crew member commits changes to version manage. here you'll create a CI build definition that helps your team withhold the master department clear.

  • On the files tab of the Code hub, click deploy build.

    Screenshot showing button to set up build for a repository

    you're taken to the construct and unencumber hub in VSTS and asked to pick a template.

  • within the commandeer panel, click on ASP.web Core, after which click follow.

    Screenshot showing dotnet core template

    You now see the entire initiatives that were automatically delivered to the construct definition by means of the template. These are the steps so one can automatically flee every time you check in code.

  • For the Agent queue, opt for Hosted VS2017. this is tips on how to exercise their pool of brokers that own the software you deserve to construct your app.

  • click the Triggers tab in the build definition. permit the continuous Integration trigger. this may effect certain that the construct procedure is immediately brought on anytime you entrust a transformation to your repository.

  • click on retailer & queue to kick off your first build. On the store construct definition and queue dialog container, click on shop & queue.

  • a novel build is begun. you are going to see a hyperlink to the novel construct on the desirable of the web page. click the link to monitor the novel construct as it happens. watch for the construct to finished and succeed earlier than proceeding to the next area.

    deploy perennial deployment

    continual deployment (CD) is a skinny drill that your crew can exercise to hold creation fresh. here you will deploy a brief computerized course from the availability of latest code in edition ply to deployment. specifically, you are going to define a CD release administration technique that picks up the artifacts from your CI build and deploys you app to the IIS internet server hosted for your windows VM.

  • once the build succeeds, click on the free up action on the construct summary web page.

    Screenshot showing release action on build summary

  • in the Create liberate definition wizard, opt for IIS website Deployment template, and then click on apply.

    Screenshot showing IIS website deployment template

  • click the tasks tab, after which click the IIS Deployment phase. For the Deployment neighborhood, click on the deployment group you created past, equivalent to myIIS.

    iis deployment group in release definition

  • click save. On the shop dialog field, click on adequate.

  • To examine the free up definition, click on release and then Create unlock.

    create release

  • On the Create novel unencumber dialog container, click on Queue.

    be vigilant that a brand novel release turned into created. click on the link to navigate to the unencumber.

    new release created message

  • click on the Logs tab to monitor the live logs from the deployment because it occurs. watch for the release to be deployed to the Azure internet app.

  • once deployment has completed, open your internet browser and verify your internet app: http://<publicIpAddress>

  • Edit the code and see it deployed

    Now that you own a very computerized CI/CD pipeline, any adjustments that you simply effect to the app are instantly developed and deployed via VSTS. To are trying this, effect a transformation to the app and entrust that alternate to the Git repository.

  • both VSTS and GitHub role a plenary code editor inside the net browser. using the browser, navigate to Views/homes/Index.cshtml file in your repository.

    in the VSTS Code hub, edit the Views/domestic/Index.cshtml file.

    edit action in core view

    Open your GitHub repository within the browser and edit Views/domestic/Index.cshtml file.

  • Make an simple change above the slip carousel div tag:

    <h1>Demo of CI/CD!!</h1>
  • Commit your adjustments to trigger a CI build. When the construct completes, it triggers an computerized deployment.

  • When the deployment is accomplished, verify that your alterations are live in your net browser: http://<publicIpAddress>

    you're able to collaborate with a team on an Core app with a CI/CD system that immediately deploys your latest toil to your internet website.

    next steps

    you will own just Put your personal CI/CD approaches in area. that you would be able to adjust these build and unencumber definitions to fulfill the wants of your crew. To learn greater see one of those tutorials:

    Fujitsu and Microsoft team up for artificial intelligence | actual questions with brain dumps

    Tokyo – Bangalore: Fujitsu limited and Microsoft organization on Friday introduced their settlement to collaborate within the container of artificial intelligence to speed up the transformation of the approaches americans toil in businesses.

    the two businesses are entering into this agreement to jointly construct novel solutions that transform the ways individuals work. in response to Microsoft 365, Microsoft's integrated cloud provider, these novel options will blend the insights and journey Fujitsu has gathered through the inside and external deployments of its international verbal exchange Platform, along side Fujitsu's AI know-how, Fujitsu Human Centric AI Zinrai, and Microsoft AI platform features on Microsoft Azure.

    They objective to effect these novel options attainable within the jap market from the 2nd quarter of 2018 (April to June), and then to roll them out globally thereafter.

    because getting into a world alliance within the box of corporate solutions in 2002, Fujitsu and Microsoft own extended the scope of collaboration based on a altering market, together with in such areas as the cloud and IoT for manufacturing.

    on the grounds that 2015, both groups were constructing a robust collaboration within the box of work-trend transformation, with Fujitsu, through technical guidance from Microsoft, deploying a globally unified communications platform in keeping with office 365 for its approximately 160,000 personnel. It then begun using the expertise and event received from that interior deployment to effect its international Communications Platform obtainable to about 1.5 million purchasers in Japan.

    Now, as the circulation to augment productiveness using abruptly advancing digital know-how positive aspects traction globally, Fujitsu and Microsoft own agreed to further expand the framework of their collaboration, jointly constructing and launching options that extra transform the ways individuals toil by using the two companies' features and AI technologies.

    Fujitsu and Microsoft will collectively build novel solutions that further seriously change the approaches people toil through combining a myriad of astronomical statistics accrued with the aid of companies, including Microsoft 365 information on Microsoft Graph, with functions comparable to Human Centric AI Zinrai, Fujitsu's AI know-how, in addition to Microsoft AI platform functions on Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft 365.

    additionally, both agencies will conduct interior trials of the collectively developed solutions in a few countries, collecting capabilities and journey to raise first-rate and deployment. The solutions will then be made purchasable within the jap market beginning between April and June 2018 via Fujitsu Cloud service K5 and Microsoft Azure. they are going to then be rolled out globally.

    with the objective to extend earnings of the jointly developed solutions, the two companies will no longer best offer consulting features aimed toward deployment, but are additionally due to the fact that to flee event lessons, to be held on the Fujitsu Digital Transformation hub determined in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Fujitsu's co-advent workshop house aimed toward attaining digital transformation, and the Microsoft expertise hub found in Minato-ku, Tokyo, a facility where visitors can adventure Microsoft's latest technologies.

    both organizations will even be collectively working at novel customer construction, primarily of latest clients of workplace 365 and Microsoft 365, and purpose to help a novel 2 billion US greenbacks of novel traffic within the international market by 2020.

    “As AI's presence in consumer workplaces has grown, Fujitsu has been working to raise the well being of americans via expertise, as a fraction of their concept of "Human Centric AI". This collaboration with Microsoft in AI will convey their relationship into a brand novel section, and i believe it demonstrates the fruits of digital co-introduction. in an effort to create a affluent future, they are able to toil with Microsoft to generate novel innovation,” commented Shingo Kagawa, SEVP and CTO, Fujitsu restricted

    "expanding their collaboration with Fujitsu gives shoppers with yet an additional solution to remove expertise of the potent and intellectual digital capabilities of their platform to drive more collaboration and creativity," renowned Judson Althoff, government vp of worldwide industrial enterprise at Microsoft. "through integrations across their productiveness suite and Fujitsu's pleasing trade advantage, shoppers may own more materiel to create and collaborate," commented Judson Althoff, executive vice president - global industrial company, Microsoft corporation.

    70-345 Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

    Article by Killexams Microsoft Certification Experts 70-345 free pdf | 70-345 pdf download

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    JAMES B. DUFFY, 70, 345 James Avenue, Sanford, died Monday, Nov. 9. Mr. Duffy turned into a component-time bartender at the Elbow Room. He moved to well-known Florida in 1974. Survivors: daughters, Joanne, Connecticut, Jackie, Michigan. Gramkow Funeral home, Sanford.

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    Eagle readers are going to pass over Larry Bowen's writing

    I feel sorry for Eagle readers in the future who will omit the probability to examine Larry Bowen's writing. in case you own been unable to attend an Aggie baseball video game, not to agonize -- Larry's article would fill you in and effect you reflect that you just had been there.

    As extraordinary as his writing, Larry turned into a stronger man.

    obviously i hope he finds that "just appropriate" region to participate his potential and find his pleasure. He could be neglected by so many, near and far.

    Thanks for the reminiscences, Larry.


    Orlando, Florida

    American voters should quiet recognize on the Libertarian candidates

    I suppose that voters should quiet own in intelligence that there are more than the two horrible candidates operating for president on the Republican and Democratic tickets.

    First, there is the green celebration option which isn't even on the pollin many states. Its candidate -- Jill Stein -- had stronger live out of Oregon or she will be arrested for vandal-ism. She is an extremist.

    Then there is the Libertarian birthday party candidates on the pollin everyone 50 states: Gary Johnson for president and bill Weld for vice- president. These two gents are conceivable third birthday celebration candidates who are both former two-time epoch Republican governors of Democratic states with each having extra governing undergo than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They both needed to toil across the aisle to control their states as conveniently as they did.

    a 3rd party in the White condominium might definitely Get things performed by forming coalitions of the inclined from each events.

    If Clinton should Get elected and not arrested, she would undoubtedly puss a Republican house and might be a Republican Senate.

    And -- Lord forbid -- if Trump should win, he likely would puss impeachment inside the first yr in workplace -- plus he has alienated many in his own celebration (if Republican is basically his proper celebration and never just the birthday party of Trump}.

    overlook the Aleppo gaffe that Gary Johnson made. Clinton and Trump own performed lots worse, verging on the illegal. A Liber-tarian should be capable of draw from each parties to Get things finished and finish the gridlock.

    we're in desperate instances so lets conform with the Libertarian birthday party candidates of Johnson and Weld this time round.

    Being a former Republican, Johnson would, surely, nominate a indifferent conservative to serve on the Supreme court docket. This definitely would not befall beneath Clinton and every diminutive thing is questionable and day-to-day with Trump.

    E.C. "Archie" ARCHAMBAULT


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